Auman brand


Since its launch in 2003, Auman’s famed heavy-duty trucks have committed to meeting world standards, leading in industrial development worldwide and offering incredible value for Auman consumers. Ever since its cooperation with Germany Daimler in 2012, not only has Auman continued to globalize and improve its brand image with better technology, user-friendliness, safety and trustworthiness, Auman also has made considerable breakthroughs in R&D, performance, andtechnical innovations.

Auman’s complete line of vehicles includes Auman GTL/TL, Auman CTX/TX, and special-purpose vehicles. Auman GTL/TL consists of tractors, mining dump trucks and cargo trucks for flat road applications. Tractors come in two configurations, one for heavy load applications and another for regular load applications.

Auman CTX/TX is made up of tractors, dump trucks and cargo trucks. Among which, tractors are available in three different configurations – super-heavy load applications, heavy load applications and regular load applications. Dump trucks include a number of applications, including mining, urban construction waste removal applications, on-highway heavy load and on-highway intermediate (heavy + regular) load applications. CTX/TX tractors are available for mountainous road applications, flat road applications, intermediate (heavy + regular) load applications, heavy load applications and regular load applications.

Special-purpose vehicles are classified into three categories – construction, logistics and city management vehicles.Specifically, the construction category includes concrete mixer trucks and pneumatic/dry bulk tanker trucks; logistics includesoil tankers, truck-mounted crane trucks, refrigerated trucks and postal trucks; city management includes both sprinkler trucksand fire trucks.

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