Qualification for application


1. Be fully confident with “Foton” and willing to collaboratively develop with Foton.

2. Possess independent business entity qualification of automobile business or be ready to enter this field.

3. Possess independent business place.

4. Business operation is in good condition with financial strength and excellent reputation in this field.

5. Be experienced in management of automobile sales and achieve considerable sales performance.

6. Have rich social relationships Under equivalent conditions, the applicants experienced in sales of brand car or the same or similar type shall prevail.

Application flow


1. Investor with cooperation intention shall fill in application form as stipulated and upload corresponding photos.

2. Foton shall perform preliminary audit.

3. Foton shall appoint personnel to the city of applicant to conduct on-the-spot investigation.

4. Foton shall invite qualified applicants to the company for visit and interview.

5. Prepare the whole set of construction application data and sign letter of intent.

Application Form

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