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With the progressive opening of China’s export overseas commercial concrete equipment market, and the rapid enlarging of our company’s equipment sales in the whole world, especially in Algeria, in order to increase service quality, promote brand image, and consolidate customer emotional relationship, Overseas Branch Party Committee and Representative Office staff carried out“FOTON LOXA Summer Cooling Service Travel” activity to further enhance service competitiveness, and keep sustainable growth and development.
Recently, a good news came from LOXA Heavy Machinery Business Division Overseas Marketing Company, for the first time, as the famous China-invested commercial concrete brand cooperated with world largest commercial concrete company, LOXA Heavy Machinery Business Division obtained the order of 113 mixer trucks from Mexico CEMEX Company, which marks that LOXA product quality has been highly accepted by overseas clients, meanwhile, it also shows that CEMEX Company has full reliance on LOXA Heavy Machinery Business Division.
LOXA Heavy Machinery Business Department held “Hand-over Ceremony of LOXA Heavy Machinery First Order Export to Saudi Arabia and Awards Conference” in Beijing Factory
On June 8, Ashouse, Butwig, and Zhang Bofei from Foton Germany Technical Center Hydraulic Pressure Institute arrived in Chin and jointed Zhang Hua, the vice director of LOXA Heavy Machinery Business Department Antecedent Technology Center, and Liu Mingqing, the technical backbone of Hydraulic Pressure Institute, and other persons to start the eight days’ investigation and exchange activities for vehicle-mounted pump valve set.

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As a core member of Foton's "six strategic pillar industries", Loxa was built by Foton by integrating global superior resources such as technological resources from Daimler, Cummins, etc., to provide customers with valuable overall solutions for complete..


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