Arriving in North America is Foton’s SAUVANA SUV with Cummins Technology

Arriving in North America is Foton’s SAUVANA SUV with Cummins Technology
Published September 30, 2015

September 30, 2015: As the newest entrant to Foton’s vehicle line-up, SAUVANA contentiously emerges on the North American continent. The veritable SUV, with American origins and built for hardcore SUV fans in mind, is vehemently awaiting actual reviews from the American market.


At its Core, Trendsetting SUV is Decidedly Cummins

Reputation is deserved for American Cummins as the world leader in engines. As the world’s largest independent engine manufacturer, not only is Cummins renowned for impeccable quality, durability and fuel economy in the industry, it also upholds the concepts of innovation and development under increasingly stringent vehicle emissions regulations, including facing fierce competition in off-highway and marine engine emissions. Foton and Cummins’ partnership has brought over 100 years of technical innovation and experience leading to the ISF2.8T light-duty engine at the core of every truly American-style SAUVANA SUV.


SAUVANA Arrives in North America, to What End? Spawn a Hard-core North American Off-road Expedition.
As a Mecca of off-road culture, adventure-seekers flock to North America every year to experience an amalgamation of wilderness and barrenness, with the spirit to conquer uncharted domain at the very foundation of American off-road culture. SAUVANA epitomizes North American off-road culture with “inherent strength” as the guiding principle behind each and every SUV. Four key strengths that set SAUVANA SUV’s apart are its entry into the American off-road experience, its hard-core exterior and spacious interior, its powerful engine and its off-road capabilities.


There is inherent strength in being “wild”. Foton’s SAUVANA features a carefree design, muscular styling and dynamic American-style lines that are characteristically American from bumper to bumper. With its 2790 mm wheelbase, 4830 mm length, 1910 mm width and 1885 mm height, SAUVANA’s body style can be described as robust, tough and aggressive.

There is inherent strength in being “exquisite”. Rugged yet tender, SAUVANA’s interior binds exquisite high-class designs with workmanship, to visually demonstrate the harmonic relationship between these two seemingly paradoxical themes. In order to offer the most flexible options in terms of space, SAUVANA is available in TX, VX and flagship LX models. In addition to ample legroom and luggage room, SAUVANA also offers both fold-down flat seats and additional storage spaces to meet customers’ complex demands for more cargo space in an SUV.

There is inherent strength in being “free”. Wildly powerful, SAUVANA’s brand appeal is in its “inherent strength”, combined with its commitment to being a model of innovation and value in the global mid-size SUV segment; thus to profess SAUVANA’s unique untamed attractiveness. Powered by the American Cummins engine platform, remarkable performance is assured. With technical innovation brought together from the United States, Europe and China, SAUVANA is poised to become a major contender in off-road vehicles.

An Example in Leadership-From worldwide technical innovation to the creation of a New Chinese Benchmark

‘Industry 4.0’ is sweeping the globe; its concepts of strategic development coincide with China’s industrialization and informatization. Even though this phase is an important opportunity for the transformation of China’s manufacturing industry, China is still an audience member in the world stage, merely in a passive role. Based on the current status of domestic industry, China will transition toward the ‘Industry 4.0’ era and eventually be synonymous with this term.

Foton’s introduction of SAUVANA, a new, modern product, is its testament to upholding the ‘Industry 4.0’ vision. Focused on perfection, and born out of a pickup platform incorporating 100 years of superb technologies, Foton SAUVANA was created with durable parts to guarantee it will withstand the elements. Additionally, with the integration of Cummins’ high-efficiency engines at the core of every SAUVANA, the results are powerful, world-class SUV’s

Foton will pioneer in ‘Industry 4.0’, integrating innovation, employing world-class technologies, and enhancing research and development and manufacturing capabilities into future development goals. SAUVANA serves as the new benchmark of Chinese vehicle manufacturers, having already arrived first in the US market.

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