Foton Heavy-duty Trucks Appear at Groundbreaking Ceremony of China-Thailand Railway

Foton Heavy-duty Trucks Appear at Groundbreaking Ceremony of China-Thailand Railway
Published December 25, 2015


On December 19, witnessed by Chinese State Councilor Wang Yong and Thai Deputy Prime Minister Prajin Jantong, the China-Thailand Railway project was launched. In this demonstration project symbolizing the practical cooperation between the two countries, Foton Motor will act as a leading heavy-duty truck manufacturer with its dump trucks. At the ceremony, the uniform machinery and equipment made in China were the focus of media attention.
With a full length of 845 kilometers, a designed speed of 180km/h and a reserved speed of 250km/h, the project will fully use Chinese technologies, standards and equipment. Chinese State Council Premier, Li Keqiang, said that the Chinese equipment is of a high level, and the project will be conducive to the upgrading of Chinese equipment and export, and to the utilization of China’s surplus production capacity, thus benefiting both countries.
Since the “the Belt and Road Initiative” came into effect, Foton Motor has employed its existing advantages in overseas operations and seized the opportunity to “going out” in an accelerated manner. As a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, Foton Motor has taken full advantage of its resources and product line abroad, and duly launched corresponding products based on different countries’ individual demands in such aspects as infrastructure and logistics, so as to effect good marketing.
According to the source, connected to the China-Laos Railway, the China-Thailand Railway will accomplish railway interconnection between China and Thailand, and vigorously promote the exchange and cooperation of ASEAN countries in fields such as trade, investment, logistics, tourism, technology and culture. At the same time, the cooperation will improve Thailand’s transport infrastructure, increase job opportunities to improve the people’s livelihood, facilitate travel for people along the railway, and promote economic and social development. All these will provide a strong guarantee for Foton Motor’s further development in Thailand.

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