Foton Motor held “FOTON DAY” at China Pavilion of Expo 2017 Astana, building a typical benchmark of Green Silk Road

Foton Motor held “FOTON DAY” at China Pavilion of Expo 2017 Astana, building a typical benchmark of Green Silk Road
Published September 8, 2017

On September 2, 2017, “FOTON DAY” activity themed “Connected with you by the Belt, be with you along the Road” was held in China Pavilion of Expo 2017 Astana. Over 160 guests attended in, including China’s Charge D’affaires to Kazakhstan, Deputy Director of China Pavilion, Economy Ministry of Kazakhstan, dealers and strategy customers. As the “Gold Sponsor” of the sole designated vehicles to China Pavilion, Foton took the opportunity to show its latest achievements of interconnection and new energy development to seek for strategy cooperation along the “belt and road” and for sustainable development.

Foton Motor integrated solutions demonstration zone at China Pavilion of Expo 2017 Astana

Foton Motor integrated solutions demonstration zone at China Pavilion of Expo 2017 Astana

During the activity, all witnessed the demonstration zone themed with “Future Energy, Smart City”. It showed Foton Motor’s integrated solutions of three segments: infrastructure construction, high-efficient logistics and green city operation and commuting. It means that Foton Motor will focus on creating green, low-carbon products and services adhering to the beauty of “Human · Auto · Environment”.


China’s ambassador to Kazakhstan Zhang Hanhui sent congratulation in “FOTON DAY” activity.

On the opening ceremony, China’s ambassador to Kazakhstan Zhang Hanhui sent congratulation and expectation: “I wish that Foton Motor makes persistent efforts to promote the development of Kazakhstan’s automotive industry and to make more contributions to China-Kazakhstan pragmatic cooperation!”


China’s Charge D’affaires to Kazakhstan Liu Jiangping making a speech in “FOTON DAY” activity.

China’s Charge D’affaires to Kazakhstan Liu Jiangping said that Foton Motor is a pride of China automotive industry. Foton is a commercial vehicle enterprise with the world’s largest production and sales, as well as a brilliant benchmark in Chinese independent innovation and a pioneer of exploring future energy. Foton Motor makes electric vehicle, hybrid electric vehicle, and also researches and develops hydrogen fuel cell vehicle with zero pollution and zero emission. Foton Motor’s tenet totally accords with the theme of Expo 2017 Astana. I do believe that Foton is certain to drive on the “clean, energy-saving, eco-friendly” future green silk road.


Deputy Director of China Pavilion Ruan Wei making a speech in “FOTON DAY” activity.

Deputy Director of China Pavilion Ruan Wei said: “Foton Motor’s sole designated vehicles of Expo 2017 Astana China Pavilion have been serving for three months to shuttle between Astana’s downtown area, airport and expo village since the opening ceremony of Expo 2017 Astana, and have been praised by dignitaries and representatives from the participating countries, as well as by the guests and the local people. Foton Motor shows a new Benchmark of China intelligent manufacturing to the world.


VP of Foton Motor Group and CEO of Foton International, Chang Rui making a speech in “FOTON DAY” activity.

With the impetus of economic globalization, with the help of the opportunity of increasingly deepening international capacity cooperation, China cooperates with various countries in the world for mutual benefit and win-win result. Foton Motor as China’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, has made a positive response to “the Belt and Road” Initiative to create China brand automobile in accordance with the development of modern equipment manufacturing industry, gone global together with international engineering projects to provide full-range commercial vehicle products for such market segments as infrastructure construction, efficient logistics and green city operation and commuting, and grasped the three-electricity core technologies of new energy vehicle, which have been applied to more than 40 new energy vehicle models in truck, passenger vehicle and bus sectors.

For strategy, Foton Motor has built joint ventures with globally-leading enterprises, such as Daimler, Cummins, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, etc. to accelerate the establishment of the leading complete industrial chain and advance global industrialization. So far, Foton Motor has completed the global layout of 2,000 distribution service networks, 1,500 overseas service parts depots and 30 KD plants.

For sales performance, Foton Motor’s overseas export sales was nearly 58,000 vehicles, with year-on-year growth of 9% and realized the inverse growth in 2016. Just as VP of Foton Motor Group and CEO of Foton International, Chang Rui said, adhering to the development concept of “technology leading into the future”, Foton Motor is creating a world-class advanced manufacturing enterprise.


The ceremony of Green Pledge of Expo 2017 Astana in China Pavilion

All witnessed the green pledge of creating harmony of “Human · Auto · Environment”. It means that, based on intelligent manufacturing, Foton Motor will undertake more responsibilities to create green products and service in future, which is based on the ancient Silk Road spirit of opening, mutual learning, forge ahead and win-win.

As is shown by Foton Motor’s development track, Foton Motor has ranked first position among China’s commercial vehicle brands with the constant technology breakthroughs. For more, Foton will duplicate its automotive manufacturing and operation standard in the local to boost local industrial upgrading based on the technologies and operating experience of Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd. (BFDA) and Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (BFCEC) , which will provide high added-value products and services for local customers.Up to now, Foton Motor has formed 5 major production bases in China, India, Brazil, Russia and Thailand, for the purpose of realizing the localization of products by the way of regional industry center.

Foton Motor has adhering to the spirit of opening and mutual learning, established joint ventures with Daimler and Cummins, introduced lean manufacturing system and integrate technologies and experience.

Being accelerated by technology breakthrough, Foton Motor has cooperated with suppliers including Cummins, ZF, WABCO and Continental AG etc. to establish China Intelligent Connected Super Truck Alliance (CICSA). As the founder of this alliance, Foton Motor has developed Super Truck series of China’s 1st generation, which integrate technologies including assistant driving, adaptive cruise control, resistance reduction to provide intelligent, efficient logistics solution.


The theme of China Pavilion is “Future Energy and Green Silk Road”, which responds to the Astana Expo’s appeal for “Future Energy” and indicates the way of the ancient Silk Road Spirit, namely “One Belt and One Road” which is with both opportunities and challenges. With opportunities, Foton Motor became the provider of service vehicles in 2017 “Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation”, and built a communication and exchange platform for international engineering contracting enterprises, upstream and downstream enterprises of industrial chain such as equipment manufacturing, etc. in 2017 International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum(IIICF).

Moreover, in engineering projects along the ” Belt and Road” countries, Foton Motor has overcome such challenges as short product delivery cycle and product refitting arising from tight project schedule and complex construction, provided the customers with integrated solution of infrastructure construction on the basis of automated production system and customized products and services.

Currently, Foton Motor has developed almost 30 strategy customers in countries along the “One Belt and One Road”, covering 15 countries and regions in Africa and Southeast Asia, delivering 50,000 vehicles in China and abroad in total.

It is clear that, with the interlinked spirit to ancient silk road, Foton Motor is integrating leading technology to make breakthrough, providing customers with integrated Commercial vehicle solutions of infrastructure, high-efficiency logistics and green city operating. With the developing way of opening, mutual learning, forge ahead and win-win, Foton Motor is building a typical benchmark of Green Silk Road.



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