FOTON SUPER TRUCK Global Launch kicked off with FOTON Technology and style show in Shanghai

FOTON SUPER TRUCK Global Launch kicked off with FOTON Technology and style show in Shanghai
Published April 12, 2017

On April 12th, 2017, FOTON AUMAN SUPER TRUCK “Technology and Style Show” was held in Shanghai, China. A total of 700 attendants from members of the ‘Super Truck Global Innovation Alliance’ represented by Cummins and ZF, high-end logistics customers including Express, Refrigerate logistics, Hazardous particle logistic,Commodity and the media jointly witnessed the fashionable and technological charm of AUMAN SUPER TRUCK with its ‘German Origin’.


Created by Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd. (BFDA)after4 years of efforts, FOTON AUMAN SUPER TRUCK received an actual road test of 10 million km, passed the rigorous test and assessment of DEKAR Group which is a leading global provider of auditing and certification services, and exceeds the life of the B10 by 1.5 million km. Powered by Cummins ISG 12L engine, ZF’s latest TraXon transmission and the technical advantages of Foton Super Truck Global Innovation Alliance, this truck achieves ultra-long internal maintenance conditions of 100,000 km for the engine and an oil change-over period of 200,000 km for the transmission, thus realizing the reduction of oil consumption, enhancement of freight efficiency and reduction of carbon emissions. ‘High intelligence, high fuel conservation, high safety and high efficiency’ are the highlights of this truck.

By relying on such features as the smart electronic control systems LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) and ESP (Electronic Stability Program),such smart braking control technologies as ABS, ASR etc. With Smart Fleet, a the Internet of vehicles smart management system, AUMAN SUPER TRUCK can meet the various service demands of fleet users for oil consumption analysis, path optimization, remote diagnosis and maintenance, ensuring that AUMAN SUPER TRUCK is equipped with the three smart technologies of smart driving assistance, remote service and smart fleet management, and realizing such ‘highly intelligent’ functions as smart torque adjustment, smart sliding control, smart map, etc. that can dynamically adapt to operation conditions.


FOTON AUMAN SUPER TRUCK Presentation by Ralf. Ludwig, R&D director of BFDA

High fuel conservation

The super-smart and powerful ADEPT technology of the Cummins12L enables the dynamic management of torque output and coasting, thus achieving fuel economy improvement of up to 4%; meanwhile, MFS turbo charging with ISOPOD technology can increase intake efficiency by 4% and reduce fuel consumption by 2%, making AUMAN SUPER TRUCK save 5% to 8% more fuel over other products of its kind.

In terms of power performance, AUMAN SUPER TRUCK can achieve a high torque output of 2,300n·m at a low speed of 1,000 rpm.


FOTON AUMAN SUPER TRUCK Engine Presentation by Miguel Kindler, Plant Manager of Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Company(BFCEC) 

High safety

The highly integrated one-piece design of the compression brake system and engine of the Cummins i-Brake2 ensures a maximum braking force of over 400HP, and the support of the ZF-Intarder hydraulic decelerator can effectively reduce the wear of the brake pads and tires, helping users to drive more safely on downward slopes and enjoy a safer operation experience.

High efficiency

As a component of the smart power system of AUMAN SUPER TRUCK, ZF’s new-generation TraXon automatic transmission features smart shifting and smart system learning management; based on PreVisionGPS, the predictive shifting strategy of the vehicle can be achieved, which is controlled by a uniform software platform in order to provide AUMAN SUPER TRUCK with a high transmission efficiency of 99.7%, minimize shifting times in complicated road conditions, optimize the coasting strategy and utilize the start and stop function to rapidly start the vehicle as required, thus providing the vehicle with high fuel economy, high loading capacity, reliable and comfortable driving, and increased operation stability.


The ZF New Generation of TraXon Transmission Presentation by ZF CV Trucks & Light Buses Transmission Technology Business Unit Sales Director Mr.Reimund Neier 

FOTON SUPER TRUCK Global Launch kicked off with this “Technology and Style Show” and the first batch of Super Truck products will be launched on to overseas markets including Russia, Thailand, Peru etc. throughout 2017. With the products putting in place, targeting high-end logistics users including Express, Refrigerate logistics, Hazardous particle logistic, Commodity. AUMAN SUPER TRUCK will upgrade logistics equipment with intelligence and efficiency, drive the efficient development of the industry with technical innovation, and provide users with superior and efficient operation value.

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