Foton Super Trucks Launched Globally during IAA 2016

Foton Super Trucks Launched Globally during IAA 2016
Published September 23, 2016

At 5:00 PM September 22, 2016 German Time Foton joined hands with members of the “China Intelligent Connected Super Truck Alliance (CICSA)” such as Daimler, Cummins, ZF and Continental AG to deliver Foton Super Trucks Global Launch Ceremony during IAA 2016 in Hannover.

Mr. Gong Yueqiong, EVP of Foton Motor Group; Mr. Zhou Liang, CEO of Foton Daimler Automotive; Mr. Brett Merritt, Executive Director of On-highway Business, Engine Business Unit, Cummins; Mr. Joachim Holzner, Senior VP of Commercial Vehicles, ZF; Mr. Michael. J. Ruf, President of Commercial Vehicles, Continental AG; and other members of CICSA witnessed and started the global launch ceremony of Foton Super Trucks, including AUMANEST heavy-duty truck, AUMARKS medium and light-duty truck.


As global environmental problems have become increasingly prominent, efficient and clean professional logistics have become particularly important. Foton Super Trucks are environmentally-friendly, high-efficiency, energy-conserving, safe and secure super trucks built by Foton in association with Daimler and Cummins with the global wisdom of CICSA. In the future, fuel consumption will be reduced by 30% (or fuel will be replaced by electricity), carbon emission will be reduced by 30% (or to zero) and freight efficiency will be improved by 70%. Foton AUMAN EST will target punctual, high-efficiency, long-distance and high-added-value freight logistics customers across the world, while Foton Aumark Series will target the global high-end urban logistics market.

In June 2016, Foton Motor Group built an intelligent connected super truck alliance comprising world-famous enterprises like Foton, ZF, Cummins, COSCO Logistics, CEVA Logistics, Faurecia, WABCO, Continental Electronics and TUV Rheinland, covering fields such as automotive manufacturing, power system, logistics transportation, electronics & electrical appliances, smart logistics and Internet. Compared to the previous combination of “Foton, Benz Daimler and Cummins”, the alliance further extended in depth and width by absorbing more Internet and smart logistics enterprises”.

CICSA’s representative Mr. Michael. J. Ruf, President of Commercial Vehicles, Continental, said, “As a member of CISCA, Continental has provided professional wisdom for the R&D of Foton Super Trucks in Europe over the past four years in such aspects as safety electronic equipment, intelligent communication equipment, EBS, braking system, chassis system and body electronic system.


“Foton Super Trucks project is a project of great significance. We are pleased to join world-famous enterprises in contributing our wisdom to this important product. We will deliver professional drivelines and chassis technology to Foton Super Trucks to reduce their fuel consumption and carbon emission,” said Mr. Joachim Holzner, Senior VP of Commercial Vehi, ZF.


“Foton is an important partner of Cummins in the world and Cummins is a major member of the US Super Truck Program. We provided leading engine technology support for Foton Super Trucks, which will be a huge advantage of Foton Motor Group,” said Brett Merritt, Executive Director of On-highway Business, Engine BusinessUnit,Cummins, in an interview.


The launch of Foton Super Trucks indicates that Foton has made a valuable commitment on “delivering Intelligent connected logistics solutions to global customers” to the world. This will speed up the advent of the global era of super trucks.

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