FOTON’s Intelligent Connected Super Trucks: Driving OBOR Construction EST(Energy Super Truck)ablishment of China Intelligent Connected Super Truck Alliance(CICSA) and FOTON AUMAN EST(ENERGY SUPER TRUCK) Global Launch Ceremony

FOTON’s Intelligent Connected Super Trucks: Driving OBOR Construction EST(Energy Super Truck)ablishment of China Intelligent Connected Super Truck Alliance(CICSA) and FOTON AUMAN EST(ENERGY SUPER TRUCK) Global Launch Ceremony
Published July 7, 2016


In the morning of June 22, the ceremony of Global Innovation Coalition of Chinese Intelligent Connected Truck and Issue of Beijing Foton Auman EST(Energy Super Truck) was solemnly held in Athens of Greece, origin of European civilization, with the theme of Beijing Foton Intelligent Connected Truck driving the Construction of “One Belt and One Road”. It is the largest commercial vehicle enterprises in China – Foton Motor, which actively drives configuration and combination of global innovation resources and factors, explores global opening and sharing innovation mode, is determined to implement each step of “innovative development driving strategy”. Under the background that the Europe and the world actively implements intelligent traffic system, Foton Motor aims to provide intelligent products and intelligent traffic system solutions for the Europe and the world.


Establishing Innovation Coalition – Chinese “Intelligent Connected Truck”, Integrating Global Scientific Innovation Resources

The development of Foton Motor is really fast. 20 years ago, about one hundred of enterprises manufactured Foton vehicles and started to enter the automobile industry; 14 years ago, Foton entered the heavy truck field, and all series of commercial vehicles were developed; 6 years ago, Foton became the production and marketing champion of commercial vehicles all over the world, and become the largest commercial vehicle enterprise in China; half a year ago, it launched the first generation of Intelligent Connected Truck of China; today, Foton Motor has pushed the “Intelligent Connected Truck” to the world, and has gradually realized interconnected, electric and intelligent development of automobiles while marching towards globalization steadily.

It is said that the Intelligent Connected Truck Project is a green & environment-friendly, efficiency & energy-saving, safe & intelligent project forged by Foton Motor as well as Cummins Inc. and Daimler AG through integrating global resources as well as automatic driving, new energy vehicles. The Project aims to make the oil consumption of complete vehicle reduced by 30% (or purely power-driven), the carbon emission of complete vehicle reduced by 30% (or zero emission), and freight efficiency increased by 70%. This is also the target to be realized by the “Global Innovation Coalition of Chinese Intelligent Connected Truck”. During this European trip, Foton Motor not only brings the concept of Intelligent Connected Truck, but establishes a team of Intelligent Connected Truck, including global famous enterprises such as Foton Motor, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Cummins Inc., COSCO Logistics, CEVA Logistics, Faurecia, Wabco, Continental Automotive, TÜV Rheinland and Baidu, involving automobile manufacturing, power system, logistics transportation, electronic and electrical devices, intelligent logistics, internet and other relevant fields. Compared with the original combination of “Foton Motor + Daimler-Benz AG + Cummins Inc.”, the depth and breadth of this Coalition is further expanded, and attracts more enterprises of internet and intelligent logistics fields to participate in it, which more highlights the nature of “Internet” and trans-boundary characteristics of super truck, and it can be called a brand-new “Intelligent Connected Truck” industrial complex.

It is known that “Global Innovation Coalition of Chinese Intelligent Connected Truck”, is a world-level independent innovation industrial coalition integrating superior resources of the whole industry. It devotes itself to research & development, production and application of global-leading Intelligent Connected Truck products through scientific collaborative innovation and product demonstration, promotion and application, and puts forth effort to establish the industrial ecology of global internet intelligent automobile, thus facilitating the construction of global intelligent traffic and intelligent city.

This Coalition has three targets:

  1. Devote itself to forging “efficient, intelligent and interconnected” Intelligent Connected Truck products, realize 30% reduction of oil consumption (or purely power-driven), 30% reduction of carbon emission (or zero emission) and 70% increasing of freight efficiency till 2020.
  2. Devote itself to establishing industrial ecology of global internet intelligent automobile, promote innovation and upgrading development of global intelligent interconnected automobile industry.
  3. Devote itself to construction and development of global intelligent traffic and intelligent city.

It can be said that the establishment of coalition builds a leading platform of the whole industrial chain all over the world. It collects the most advanced enterprises and technologies all over the world, thus opening a new door for the efficiency increasing of global transportation field. Under the promotion, the target of Intelligent Connected Truck of Foton Motor in 2020 may become the target of the world in 2020. This will also become a surpassing and development of Chinese automobile industry which is rear in the world automobile development history.


Forging “New Business Card” of Made in China, Foton Super Truck Facilitating “One Belt and One Road”

Besides the exploration and innovation to automobile industry, the European trip of Foton Motor is also an active step of implementing “One Belt and One Road”. Since “One Belt and One Road” is taken as the top national strategy of China, more than 70 countries and international organizations have expressed their cooperative willingness, and more than 30 countries have signed the cooperative agreement of building “One Belt and One Road” jointly, and the network of interconnection in land route also has been formed gradually.

In April of this year, China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited purchased 67% stock rights of Piraeus Port Management Bureau of Greece at the price of EUR 368.5 million. Piraeus Port is a large-sized modern container wharf in Greece, and it is one of wharfs with the rapidest handling capacity increasing in top 100 large-sized container wharfs all over the world, and is also a deepwater port on the European continental which the nearest to Far East, playing an important role in the trading between Far East and Europe. As the cradle of European civilization, Greece is always the cultural and trading bridge between Asia and Europe, and it has made great contributions to the forming and prosperity of ancient silk roads. Nowadays, in the new era, “One Belt and One Road” proposed by President Xi Jinping will also be placed at an important node of new silk roads.

However, this is only an epitome of “One Belt and One Road” in Europe. The development of this strategy will further promote economic trading between Asia and Europe. From the demand of traffic and transportation equipment of all countries, it can be known that the regions covered by “One Belt and One Road” are the uppermost supply bases of energy and strategic resources all over the world, with strong complementarity of resources in the regions; this strategy will shorten traffic mileage on land and sea, which facilitates goods transportation and increases logistics efficiency and logistics equipment level of all countries, hastens larger demand for environment-friendly, economic and durable trucks, with long-term promotion function to logistics transportation and equipment industry of all countries within the regions.

As everyone knows, the European region gathering so many developed countries has extremely high requirements for technology, environmental protection, emission and efficiency of trucks. The common sense is that: only further enhancing transportation efficiency of heavy truck can effectively relieve energy consumption and cost pressure of logistics. High efficiency and energy saving are the largest advantage of Chinese super truck, and is also an important target of Foton Motor promoting super truck. As a leading enterprise of Chinese commercial vehicle, the Intelligent Connected Truck brought by Foton Motor this time not only brings top-quality logistics transportation carrier for countries along “One Belt and One Road”, but makes people all over the world recognize “Made in China” with “high technology” and “high value”, so as to facilitate the new business card of “Made in China” towards all over the world.

Foton Motor pays close attention to the implementation of “One Belt and One Road” and participates in this actively. Since it promoted the first batch of Intelligent Connected Truck products by integrating global leading technical resources, Foton Motor not only considers domestic market demand in China, but introduces super trucks into global strategy plan for implementation. According to the ‘2020 Planning’ of Foton Motor, the family of Foton’s super trucks will gradually go deep into all domestic transportation fields, and go towards the world synchronously.” Li Jian, Director of Marketing and Branding of Foton Motor said so.

Integrating Upgrading Demand of Global Intelligent Traffic, Foton Intelligent Connected Truck Brining Solutions of “Made in China”

Reduction of oil consumption and enhancement of freight efficiency cannot be realized by some single technical optimization only. According to the planning of Foton Motor, “Super Truck” will gradually realize reduction of fuel oil consumption through reasonably matching engine and transmission, integrating auxiliary driving, self-adaptive cruising system, reducing wind resistance and tire rolling resistance; in the aspect of efficiency enhancement, the importance of non-technical factors becomes more and more important in recent years, and the influence of transportation route selection and goods matching is more obvious, and Foton Motor will take the intelligent logistics system as solutions. It is estimated that the application of this software may realize 20% enhancement of freight efficiency.

In the final analysis, super truck is not a new truck, but a transportation system facing the future. Its target is to realize autonomous driving, greatly enhance transportation efficiency and road traffic safety, and further reduce emission of carbon dioxide. Foton Motor “redefines the truck” in an innovative way, and is to forge an intelligent logistics ecological system facing the future through three core technologies, i.e. energy saving & new energy, internet of vehicles and intelligent complete vehicle. At present, the product lines of Foton’s Intelligent Connected Truck Project cover Auman, Aumark platforms subordinate to Foton Motor completely. Foton Auman EST, amongst Foton’s line of Intelligent Super Trucks, will launch in Russia at the end of 2016. It will take green truck and internet of vehicles as core contents to form three main solutions through platform modular design, ultra low wind resistance design and lightweight design, supported by nine advanced technologies including routine efficiency power, mixed power, efficient AMT, auxiliary driving system, fleet management and goods transportation matching. This product target is to be realized by three stages. This year and next year, the oil consumption is planned to be reduced by 5~10%, and the freight efficiency is planned to be enhanced by 30%, integrating auxiliary driving design; from 2018 to 2020, it is planned to further reduce fuel oil consumption, enhance freight efficiency and realize semi-automatic driving; from 2021 to 2025, it will be the final stage of “Super Truck”, and will realize the final product targets of reducing carbon emission by 30%, reducing oil consumption by 30% and enhancing freight efficiency by 70%, with unmanned automatic driving finally. The Beijing Foton Aumark EST(ENERGY SUPER TRUCK) issued on the European stage this time refers to a high-end endorsement to the Foton’s Intelligent Connected Truck undoubtedly. We expect that the “Super Truck” forged with technology and innovation become a powerful pushing force for the economic development of Europe and even the world.


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