Published June 28, 2017

Beijing, 16 June, 2017 – FOTON Motor, China’s biggest commercial vehicle manufacturer, as well as the leading company for new energy vehicle research and production, welcomes the distinguished visiting delegation consists of the top management from Ministry of Energy, the board of investment of Thailand, the federation of Thai industries, national metal and materials technology center, and local famous energy related companies such as PTT Public Co., Ltd.

Main purpose of the visit is to mutually discuss the current electronic vehicle development process of FOTON Motor, as well as the future technology application trend and cooperation possibility in Thai market.


Gen Surasak Srisak(middle), Deputy Minister of Ministry of Energy of Thailand visited FOTON MOTOR.

Standing in front of the displayed electronic bus manufactured by FOTON AUV, a subsidiary company of FOTON Motor, Gen Surasak Srisak, deputy minister of Ministry of Energy, detailedly asked the battery layout, charging duration, endurance mileage and other questions he concerned. The fluent answers from the technicians of FOTON demonstrated the rich technology accumulation and strong technical strength of this leading company in new energy vehicle research and manufacture field.

FOTON Motor was established in 1996 with its head quarter located in Beijing, China. FOTON is considered as a major Chinese vehicle manufacturer with more than 40,000 employees and 10 billion total assets. Its product range caters to all customer requirements, and range from small truck to medium and heavy duty truck, pickup, VAN, as well as bus. In 2016, FOTON Motor achieved No.4 position in total Chinese automotive market, and achieved No.1 position in the commercial vehicle segment with a total global sales volume exceeds 8000000 units and brand value of as much as US$ 14.8 billion. In addition, Foton established Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd.(BFDA) and Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.(BFCEC), jointly with Daimler and Cummins respectively, two renowned manufacturers in world’s automotive industry, in order to provide world standard products.

Having been Keeping the leading role for over 12 years in commercial vehicle industry, FOTON never ceases its pace of technology development and innovation. With the strong support from its strategic equity investment alliance, consisting of the world-renowned leading companies such as ZF, BOSCH, Faurecia, Continental AG for its power chain development, and EATON, IBM, AECOM for its new energy vehicle development. In the field of new energy technology, FOTON AUV hydrogen fuel coach not only has more sustainable power and zero carbon emission as vehicles with hydrogen fuel cells do, but also provides higher energy efficiency. At this time of global environment problems growing severe, FOTON motor has set up new energy industry in advance and has been continuously leading China’s new energy automobile industry, which becomes one of the very few companies that really achieve industrialized and commercialized development and operations of hydrogen fuel battery coach all through the world. This is one of the significant reflections of FOTON’s technological strength.

With its advanced technology and abundant domestic strength, FOTON is expanding its business worldwide stick to its “2020” strategy. FOTON has established multi-level sales and service system in overseas countries with 9 sales companies, and more than 1200 distribution networks, providing local operating guarantee for costumers over 110 countries, and has launched 34 overseas KD projects and 30 of them have been put into operation. The total production capacity is expected to reach 272000 vehicles in 2020.


Gen Surasak Srisak, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Energy of Thailand listened AUV new energy bus technical introduction.

Regarding Thailand as FOTON’s key strategic market, FOTON Motor has been marketing commercial trucks since 2011 through authorized distributors, before expanding investment to set up FOTON Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in July 2015, a fully-owned subsidiary of FOTON Motor for manufacture, sales and after sales of its products. Thailand will also serve as a model project for FOTON’s globalization, and the high-quality products will be radiated to Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and other Asian Pacific countries in the future.

With long term investment project and comprehensive marketing strategy, FOTON invested in the full renovation of the sophisticated main showroom as well as the sales and marketing office located in Prawet district on On-Nuch Road to welcome all customers, to operate a full range of products, including pickup, VAN, light duty truck, heavy duty truck. According to its development plan, SUV and sedan will be launched in near future.

Presently FOTON has a total of 24 dealers in Thailand, with the target of 34 dealers by the end of this year, covering the majority of the cities. Located at Bang Chan Industrial Estate in Khannayao, FOTON’s local factory owns advanced equipment and experienced personnel, produces FOTON pickup trucks, as well as other types of vehicles with an annual production capacity of 10000 units.

FOTON Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd. not only offering qualified vehicles, but also increase comfortability and confidence to both dealers and customers by providing a full range of services including after sale service, spare part warehouse, financing support, call center and road assistant, which cooperated with professional and renowned partners such as DHL, AGA and LMG.


Song Yang, vice president and PR director of FOTON International presented an AUV bus model to Gen Surasak Srisak, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Energy of Thailand as a gift.

Top management from the visiting delegation highly praised the technology innovation and manufacture ability of FOTON after visiting the manufacture plant and hearing the comprehensive introduction from FOTON top managements. The delegation emphasized their welcome to FOTON’S entering and developing in Thailand market, expressed their confidence of FOTON after visiting, as well as their willing to guide and support FOTON to operate business in Thai market more smoothly.

Song Yang, vice president and PR director of FOTON International, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the visit of the delegation and their praise. He said: “We sincerely cherish the opportunity to communicate with distinguished delegation. Your encouragement enhanced our confidence to expand our business in Thailand. We will show our commitment for Thai market by expanding product range with exciting new models that match global standards. We will also endeavor to continuously increase the sales and service network, to better cater the needs of customers. We believe FOTON’s success in Thai market will be achieved with the guidance and assistance of our valued partners.”

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