Aumark FL

Aumark FL is a light truck designed by Foton. The vehicle uses a special suspension system to improve the load capacity. Thanks to an optimized engine cover and structure of the cab floor, noise levels are kept at a minimum. The interior is spacious, making the driving experience safe and comfortable. The Aumark FL is the perfect choice for short distance 





Body overall streamlined design, less wind resistance, enhanced vehicle Cheap

Using corrugated board in the form of design, the carrying capacity of a stronger, more durable

Disc brakes with brake, brake more sensitive to enhance vehicle safety


  • Comfort

    The interior of the Aumark FL’s cabin is spacious and offers a luxurious and elegant atmosphere. The vehicle combines power and performance with comfort and style.

  • Design

    The dashboard was specifically designed to enhance usability and comfort. The rearview mirrors fit perfectly in the front window, providing the driver with an open field of vision to the front and rear.

  • Air conditioning

    A full line of optional air conditioning

  • Three wheel

    Three steering wheel, medium size, higher cornering accuracy


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