ETX heavy-duty flatbed trucks come in 6X2 and 6X4, and can be easily modified into a range of special purpose vehicles. ETX heavy-duty flatbed trucks are powered by Cummins engine or Weichai engine.




ETX heavy-duty flatbed trucks are equipped with Cummins ISDe Series 6.7-Liter engines (210-270 hp), which perform at a lower RPM and with high torque. ISM engines operate smoothly and have great climbing performance.  Engines feature an electronically controlled, high-pressure fuel injection system in a single-cylinder, four-valve system. Under high-pressure, diesel fuel in the single-cylinder is precisely sprayed due to its high-performance atomizer. As a result, full fuel combustion is achieved. Engines also feature an electronically controlled silicon oil fan, which can further reduce fuel consumption by 2-3%. Completely meets Euro-III to Euro-IV emissions standards. Vehicle can be effortlessly started in temperatures of -12℃

10-Liter to 12-Liter diesel engines (280 hp) are mature, tried-and-tested technology. ETX trucks handle well in various working conditions. Weichai WD series engines also perform at a lower RPM and with high torque, have quick acceleration and great climbing performance. Completely meets Euro-II emissions standards.


  • Reliability of Engines

    ETX  flatbed trucks come equipped with Cummins (210-270 hp) or Weichai engines (280 hp), which are built to meet demanding working conditions, with fast acceleration and great climbing performance.

  • Reliability of Transmissions

    ETX  flatbed trucks feature FAST-brand nine-speed to twelve-speed, Synchromesh twin countershaft transmissions. FAST-brand Syncromesh transmissions are small and lightweight with torque output ranging from 1800-2000 Nm. FAST-brand Syncromesh transmissions, with a simple design, have few parts that require maintenance.

  • Reliability of Axle

    Axle housing, which is made of high-strength steel alloy, has been specifically designed for high load capacity and has a higher load capacity than other similar in-class trucks.

  • Easily Modified

    Because the wheelbase comes in several options, ETX flatbed trucks can be easily modified into tankers, bulk tankers, fire trucks, crane trucks and other special purpose vehicles.

Exterior and interior

Body is aerodynamically designed with a low coefficient of drag and has passed wind tunnel tests, resulting in lower fuel consumption.

Cab has a 4-Corner air suspension and crumple zone of 200 mm to absorb the impact of a collision, offering the driver and passenger maximum safety during a collision. The cab can be tilted by 59 degrees and features a ratcheted locking safety mechanism.

Side mirrors come integrated with convex lenses to remove blind spots and mirrors adhere to European standards.

Lights are elegantly shaped and combined into a simple structure, while also meeting the latest European standards.

Sedan-inspired interior is both spacious and comfortable and features a wide, double bunk sleeper.

Wrap-around dash for an excellent driving experience.

ETX  flatbed trucks feature an ergonomic gear shifter, great for long-distance driving.

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