Everything is under control



The engine adopts “air intake control + friction reduction” technology. Engine parts adopt eccentric crankshaft system, short-skirt piston (skirtpainted with graphite to reduce friction), thin piston ring, low-elasticity valve spring, high-efficiency pump and fuel pump to realize friction reduction and high mechanical efficiency. Compression ratio of 10.5 is adopted for high indicated thermal efficiency. Calibrations are carried out in plateau, high-temperature and cold areas, e.g., Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Hainan, Xinjiang and Mohe. It can be easily started under -35℃ and various severe environments.

The transmission adopts hydraulic clutch control mechanism, which has the advantages of high transmission efficiency, small mass,convenient layout and smooth clutch engaging, and can improve driving & riding comfort.
Handball for manual shifting is adopted. Handball control stroke and strength matches with exterior arc, and can provide outstanding shifting experience and enhance driving control pleasur Compared with products of the same type, its design is fashionable and can meet aesthetic demands of young drivers.


  • Everything is under control

    Front combined lamps The whole style is natural and smooth. Application of over 70 LED lamps, shining like diamonds ,represent technology and quality

  • Front grille

    Chromium-plated and matte silver trims highlight its grand style. Black grille and front bumper echo each other, and their color matching is quite orderly

  • Front bumper

    The smooth appearance line integrates with the car body as a whole naturally. The whole line is ornamented with chromium-plated decorations. Arrangement of left & right front fog lamps and front steering lamps demonstrates it smagnificent and low-key style.

  • Exterior rear view mirror assembly

    Robust and fashion style. It integrates LED steering lamp (i.e.,warning function) and makes the car more aesthetically pleasing

  • Car doorknob

    Concealed keyhole in front door integrates with the car body into an organic whole, and makes the whole car more nice-looking and fashionable. Therefore, it is superior to rival products.

  • Green insulating glass

    It can isolate heat transfer and block harmful rays

  • Stainless steel trim strip

    It can effectively make the beltline more stereoscopic and the car body more streamline. It, installed in side sheet metal, effectively eliminates uneven clearance without influence on normal opening and use of car window. Therefore, it realizes combination of practicability and elegant appearance!

  • Tail fin-High braking light Rear combined lamps

    The integrated arch design is adopted to effectively reduce turbulence during driving and provide appropriate down force, so as to enhance driving safety.
    It uses LED with higher luminance,which can realize warning function and beautiful appearance
    Rear combined lamps include lamp A and B. Brake lamp/position lamp and front steering lamp are integrated in lamp A, installed in rear side body; reversing lamp and position lamp are integrated in lamp B, installed in back door. Brake lamp/position lamp installed in side body and position lamp installed in back door adopt LED and form “C” shape which extends from rear side body to back door. These lamps are quite nice-looking and fashionable.

  • Chassis and car body

    Rear helical spring type rigid axle suspension and rear steel-plate spring type rigid axle suspension can meet requirements of different customer groups.Wheelbase: 2760mm; front/rear tread: 1425/1448mm. The above sizes are the largest among cars of the same type, and, thus, chassis realizes higher reliability Reliability (test standard and road test).


    ABS/EBD is equipped to improve brake stability, ensure steerability during brake, avoid brake lock, effectively prevent sideslip and drift arising during brake, and prolong service life of tires. Meanwhile, EBD can ensure braking force distribution of front and rear brakes under the optimal state and make brake performance better

  • Brake System

    Main cylinder: series dual chamber, 7+8 inches; vacuum booster: dual-diaphragm. During brake, the brake pedal force is small and the brake control is convenient

  • Seats

    Seats of the first row can form bed surface with separate seats of the middle row.The integral lifting function of the driver seat cushion can promote comfort and convenience.


Design concept from European MPV & perfect combination of dynamic and fashionable elements

Wrap-around drive panel and user-friendly layout can make driving and riding more enjoyable. The instrument board adopts multi-layer design for clear layers and comfortable visual effects. Cannon-type combination instrument has the function of trip computer and can display car information.8-inch audio system has such functions as bluetooth, mobile web, navigation and rear camera.
_Water transfer printing of central, left and right side panels
_Nine storage spaces, in which, three are saucers
_Container of auxiliary instrument board adopts two-layer design.
_The central control system is equipped with radio and MP5, etc.
_The main seats are equipped with airbags.
_Audible alarm is sent when the fuel quantity is too sma


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