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• Optimized intake system: Modular design of intake pipe,with engineering plastics substituting the conventional metal,effectively reducing the pipe wall resistance, enhancing theintake efficiency and increasing the engine power.
• Volkswagen racing car-level DOHC technique, high speed and fast acceleration; 16-valve technique allowing instant power, high torque and excellent acceleration characteristics.

• Intelligent and optimize MPI technique allowing precise oil injection; variable intake PDA, reducing the fuel consumption. Compared to like products, PT engine combustion efficiency increasing by 8% and overall fuel consumption reducing by 6%
• Excellent air filter performance prolonging the engine life; 55L tank allowing longer driving mileage; bearing type auxiliary water tank and double speed electronic fan enabling better air removal Effect.


  • Freight vehicle expert

    • Professional freight vehicle, new design.
    • True short-head mini-pickup truck.
    • Strong chassis: Integratedly formed rectangular tube longeron, reinforced tube type rear axle, integrated primary and auxiliary 5-leaf spring rear suspension, and etc

  • Load capacity

    • Large cargo compartment: For all the short-head mini-pickup freight vehicles, it has the maximum capacity of 2800*1560*36 mm, capacity of 1.5T ,individual design for cargo compartment and body, high strength,
    • high cargo-carrying capacity, standard cargo compartment configuration, and other practical designs which are more suitable for carrying cargos.
    • Ultra long endurance: 55L high-capacity fuel tank, never rusted, safer, maximum endurance mileage of more than 700KM

  • Detail GuaranteeFog

    • Fog lamp as standard configuration
    • Car-like rearview mirror design
    • Maintenance-free battery safe and anti-theft
    • Hydraulic clutch control
    • Unique skylight design


• Ultra-wide body
• Human-oriented interior trims
• Car-like sealing thermal insulation First layer waterproof adhesive tape Second layer waterproof adhesive tape
• Short cab body

• Cage structure, two-stage energy absorption
• High protection level of legs
• Optional engine guard plate
• Optional double airbag
• The first to employ hyaulic clutch design, allowing entire vehicle power output and operation comfort,enabling excellent fuel economical efficiency.


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