Fused with German Technologies



1.0L and 1.2L engine power configuration, more powerful and more fuel saving.
• The new G03 series small engine independently developped by FOTON, leading technique, low emission, low fuel consumption, low noise and high reliability.
• China phase V emission standard, environmental protection and energy saving.


  • Unique Shaping

    • Derived from European creative idea, streamline design and appearance embodying the sense of security
    • Unique front face molding, enabling the stable and chic sense

  • Detail guarantee

    • High-mounted stop lamp employing LED bulb, rapidresponse enhacing the driving safety
    • Ground clearance of 143mm under no load and 101.7mm under full load, allowing the easy scoping of rugged road
    •Thickening rear bumper with outward protrusion, effectively protecting the vehicle rearsection safety; also acting as the foot board
    • 3 rounds of CAE strength analysis and modification, guaranteeing the reliable performance of critical chassis parts; entire vehicle reliability test and modification,enabling the entire vehicle lifetime of 10-year or 200,000 km

  • Optimized body design

    • 8-cross member frame design, enabling the best impact resistance
    • Compared to the common mini-bus, the frame cross-sectional dimensions increased by 10%,steel sheet thickness increased by 20%; 58% of frame made of high strength steel.


• Driving area employing commercial compartment design, comfortable molding.
• Footboard relieving you from the journey tire.
• Step type instrument panel design, changing the form of mini-car instrument desk.
• Two-stage interior trims, embodying the aesthetic feeling of passenger car.
• 13 storage places, leading in the like products

• Engine thermal insulation
• Maximum ground clearance in like products
• Remote key
• Car-like sealing thermal insulation
• Multi-function instrument (1. Oil water-temperature display panel 2. Warning light panel 3. Engine tachometer 4. Speedometer)
• Seat with waist support

• Modular space design maximizing the utilization of limited space and meeting the different demand for driving, seating and loading.
• The maximum dimensions among the like products. Extra long body and wheelbase, making
appearance harmonized and inside space larger.
• Multi-space combination, allowing 2030mm cargo loading; leading in the like products.


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