GTL dump trucks are high-end heavy-duty trucks produced by Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co. Ltd. GTL dump trucks bring high quality, improved safety, heavy load capacity and interior comfort to the high-end range of heavy-heavy trucks. The latest European technology is integrated into all GTL dump trucks, including the vehicle chassis, the cargo box and hydraulic pistons, making it far superior to other comparable imported high-end heavy-duty trucks. GTL dump trucks are powered by Cummins ISG, Cummins ISM or Weichai engines. GTL dump trucks are powered By Cummins Engines or Weichai Engines



Beginning in 2014, Cummins ISG series engines are made in the Foton Cummins factory. ISG engines are the result of a joint cooperation between American Cummins, Foton Cummins and Foton’s third-party partners. Engines come in 11-Liter and 12-Liter versions (350 hp to 490 hp) and are in line with Euro-VI emissions standards. Below are the technical highlights of ISG-powered vehicles.

·  Light-weight modularized design reduces parts and simplifies maintenance

·  iBrake braking technology ensures safety

·  Innovative cooling and lubricating system reduces energy consumption, prolongs vehicle life

·  High-pressure fuel injection system improves power, lowers fuel consumption

·  Patented filtration makes it possible to change oil every 100,000km

·  LBSC improves work efficiency

·  Accurate remote diagnostics and advanced warning system

·  Leading emission technologies for stricter emission requirements


Weichai WD series: 10 to 12L engine with a power output of 336-380ps.

The displacement is greater than for other similar products. It is designed to meet the requirements of an off-highway dump truck. The Torque ranges from 1500/(1200-1500) to 1800/(1000-1400) nm/rpm. The high-pressure system is electronically controlled to meet the requirement of a large displacement. The structure is simple and features few parts and low maintenance costs. The emission standards match the Euro III standards or above.

Performance and container

  • Safety of cabs

    The only heavy-duty Chinese truck brand to have obtained safety certifications from TüV Rheinland; the thickness of the cabin is 1 mm, meeting ECE R29 European crash standards. Front, side and rear meet ECE R93 European crash standards.

  • Safety of Brakes

    Equipped with WABCO ABS + ASR 22.5-inch disc brakes and a trailer hand brake. The WEVB exhaust brake improves control during long downhill driving.
    Driving safety: Side mirrors provide a broad view with no blind spots. All seats are equipped with three-point retractable seatbelts.
    Operating stability: Based on Daimler technology and equipped with a pneumatic adjustable steering wheel column, driver’s air suspension seat, and optional ABS and ASR equipment anti-lock and anti-skid technology.

  • Powerful Engines

    Equipped with either Cummins or Weichai 10-Liter to 12-Liter engines, with power output of 308-440 hp, suitable for off-highway dump truck driving conditions. Torque ranges from 1500/(1200-1500) to 2200/1000 Nm/RPM.

  • Powerful Transmissions

    Equipped with twelve-speed all-Synchromesh FAST-brand transmissions.

  • High Payload Capacity of Frame

    Frame is made of a high-strength, single mold steel alloy with a width of up to 865 mm. Beams on the inside and outside are 8 mm + 7 mm thick and cannot be easily deformed. GTL Ldump trucks have a higher load capacity than other similar in-class trucks.
    Ground clearance is 320 mm high, a 20mm higher ground clearance than other similar in-class trucks
    Frame is strengthened with longer gusset plates and multiple layers of rivets, thus increasing the number of contact points with the subframe.

  • High Payload Capacity of Axle

    Double-reduction rear axle weighs 16 tons and the axle housing has been specifically designed for high load capacity. The brakes are safe and reliable. Additionally, the oil lubrication requires no maintenance.

  • High Payload Capacity of Suspension

    Suspension is strengthened with gusset plate to reduce frame flex.
    Double U-Bolts are used to support the higher load.
    High mounted front steel bumpers protect against unwieldy roads, even when under full load.

  • U-Shaped Cargo Box

    Optional U-shaped cargo boxes increase efficiencies when unloading;

    Cargo box is made of high-strength and wear-resistant steel, increasing its life span by 3-5 years. The standard wheelbase cargo bed is 8 by 6 feet, with an optional configuration of 12 by 10 feet.

  • Cargo Floor Heating

    Optional cargo floor heating devices for GTL dump trucks working in severely cold environments.

  • Large Hydraulic Cylinder

    GTL dump trucks feature a powerful, large bore, 180-200 mm hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic cylinder can be mounted at the front or at the underbody, depending on the application.

Exterior and interior

Frame and body are 1 mm think and meet ECE R29 European crash standards. Front, side and rear meet ECE R93 European crash standards.

Side mirrors provide a broad view with no blind spots.

Cab can be tilted to a wider angle of 70 degrees. The headlamps can be rotated outward by 90 degrees, lowering the complexity for headlamp maintenance and replacement.

The three step-ladder and extended handrails are made for easier cabin access and meet European safety standards.

The driver’s cabin is spacious and modern, with similar style and features found in European high-end heavy-duty trucks.

Features 2-Corner air suspension, multi-directional and adjustable three-level shock-absorption air suspension driver’s seat and pneumatic adjustable steering wheel column. The three step-ladder and extended handrails are made for easier cabin access and meet European safety standards.

Sealed cab effectively protects against rain, dust and noise. Sound insulation materials and its noise-reduction design allows for internal noise at idle within 60 dB, meeting international certification standards for noise limits.

Electrical system utilizes the latest CAN bus technology for improved reliability. In addition, for added comfort, trucks come equipped with a wrap-around dash, power windows, power sunroof, central locks and a pneumatic adjustable steering wheel column.

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