The outside world is full of excitement and challenges. And that’s why we designed the Foton SAUVANA as the perfect companion for the discerning, passionate, self-informed world traveler.

By virtue of the superior quality and excellent performance of the Foton SAUVANA you will be the center of attention, and able to get out into the world and enjoy your travel even more.



•Turbocharged intake system.

•BOSCH electronically-controlled high-pressure common rail fuel injection system.

•EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system plus DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) technology.

•Employs GDI (Gasoline Direct injection) technology to improve fuel efficiency.

•Turbo technology that dramatically improves power.

•Complies with Euro V emission levels.


  • Off-road ability

    Off-road ability is guaranteed by adopting non-unibody and non-independent rear suspension.

  • Passing ability

    Passing ability is excellent because of the parameter, such as Approach angel, tire.

  • Towing capacity

    Towing capacity is 3T on the condition that the vehicle is braking.

  • TOD® transfer capacity

    Once the ECU detects rough roads or wheel slip, the TOD® transfer case determines the speed difference between the front and rear wheels and then automatically makes adjustments. It can also automatically switch between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive without the need for driver intervention.

  • Safety

    6 Airbags+ Pretensioner Seat Belt

    Sauvana provides a comprehensive safety system that includes a dual air bag restraint system + pre-tensioner seatbelt for both the driver’s seat and front passenger seat. When the automobile is in a collision, the air bags open automatically and the seat belts provide restraint to protect passengers. Additionally, a tri-point seatbelt is included in the back seats: in case of accidental collision, the seatbelt will be immediately retracted and locked to mitigate the force of impact on the passengers’ chests.

  • ABS+ EBD

    The standard configuration world expo 4-channel ASB and EBD systems are used to prevent the front and back tires from locking. Sideslip and drift can be avoided for emergent braking during turning, which enhances the stability and safety of the driving.

  • HDC

    HDC (Hill Descent Control) can sense the slope of the ramp and road conditions and it can automatically control the road holding force, braking force and speed. There is no need for you to ponder over speeding up or braking. As long as you manipulate the steering wheel well, you will be able enough to have the cross-country fun.

  • TCS

    When the car starts or speeds up sharply in a slippery road where there is snow, ice etc., it is more likely for the driving wheels to slip. At this time, TCS(Traction Control System)can display the track slip situation in the instrument board and place constant control over the accelerator and the brake wheel to stop the wheel slipping. If TCS can be used together with ABS, the safety performance of the automobiles can be further enhanced.

Exterior & Interior

Sauvana gets an aggressive Straight waterfall Grill that allows for more airflow, which gives Sauvana added style and visibility.

Barrel-type LCD Screen integrates aesthetic and technological elements, which shows mankind’s yearning for future technology.

Sauvana could offer you more. That is, to feel the leisure Nature while having fun in driving.

Radio+DVD (option) +Audio+Bluetooth+GPS+IPOD+USB+AUX

The second row can be folded and turned forward, the third can folded and laid flat. In terms of 5 seats model, the second row can be folded and laid flat

Open the door, get on Sauvana and you will start a little world to enjoy a totally new convenient life.


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