Developed by Stuttgart R & D Center, Toano, a large German van, inherits fine German quality and is powered by Cummins. While giving consumers premium business reception, it is involved in the all-round customized solutions of Foton Commercial Vehicle. With the launch of Toano, Foton Commercial Vehicle will become a commercial vehicle brand covering all series, including Japanese vehicles, European vehicles, large vans and medium vans.



With 120KW strong power and 8.7L fuel consumption per 100km, it features high economy and high fuel-saving. With maximum torque output of 360N.m and 1,800rpm speed for maximum torque output, it handles all kinds of severe road conditions with ea

The globalized supplier system guarantees the high maneuverability and excellent driving performance


  • Fashionable appearance

    The simple two grille bars feature refreshing and stretching feeling and the chrome plating enhances the quality feeling of the complete vehicle.

  • LED lamps

    The lamp modeling features ample spirit and the flying lamp corner leads to A-pillar to enhance the dynamic feeling of complete vehicle. In addition, the application of LED lamps enhances the

  • Ultra-high space

    -The body length is increased by 208mm than the Transit vehicles of same kind to bring about a more spacious and comfortable space and a larger storage space.
    -The multiple bodies and body heights are planned to meet the diversified demand of the market.

  • Driving comfort

    The all-new car-style upholstery design realizes broad vision for driver seat and high maneuver comfort and driving safety.
    -The European style interior features natural simpleness, smooth lines, and abundant details.
    -The dashboard adopts traditional “T”-shaped structure and its symmetric layout features natural simpleness.
    -The instrument adopts the classic four-meter layout.
    -The humanized maneuver design is accompanied with electric devices, including reversing camera.

  • High strength leaf spring

    Rear polyurethane cushion block with variable stiffness design: It improves the maneuver smoothness of the vehicle while carrying partial load.
    Leaf spring made of high strength steel: With two-piece variable section structure, it features higher carrying capacity than leaf springs of conventional structure and remarkably improves the maneuver smoothness

  • High performance suspension system

    Air-charged oil shock absorber with tensile damping spring
    High hardness stabilizer bar:The large-size stabilizer bar is adopted to improve the driving stability.

  • High carrying capacity chassis

    The rear axle adopts integral design, with carrying capacity of 2.4t.
    The front suspension adopts McPherson independent suspension.
    The leaf springs for rear suspension are made of premium spring steel.

  • Dual front airbag (Driver and front passenger)

    Three-point pretensioner seat belts for all seats protect the personal safety of driver/passengers.
    With your back gotten into the seat, both your neck and back are supported simultaneously.
    The safety hammer improves the safety coefficient in event of emergency.

  • Energy-absorbing steering column

    In event of collision, the unique energy-absorbing device can timely react to collapse the steering column in multiple locations, in order to prevent the intrusion of steering wheel into the cab from injuring the driver.

  • Passive safety

    -The body framework made of high strength steel plates promotes the body stiffness by 20% than traditional body to better resist the impact load.
    -Powerful anti-collision beam: The anti-collision beam is fitted on the front of the body to enhance the body strength and scatter the impact force.

  • Bosch ABS+EBD

    -The 9th generation ABS (BOSCH): The 9th generation of BOSCH anti-lock brake system (ABS) is adopted to prevent the lock and slip of wheels during braking, featuring clearly enhanced data processing capacity and faster reaction compared with the 8th ABS system.
    -The EBD can automatically adjust the proportion of braking forces for front and rear axles based on the load condition of passengers within the vehicle and work with ABS to realize best braking efficiency and effectively shorten the braking distance, which is especially applicable for the vehicles with high load variation, such as VAN.


-The fading lines on the top and the characteristic line on the side wall feature dynamic, streamline, simple, and modern feeling.

-The chafing strips throughout the rear wall adopt dark color to enhance the stability feeling of complete vehicle.

-The irregular-shaped rear windscreen merges integrally with chrome-plated LOGO.
-The characteristic line throughout the rear wall and the side wall merges perfectly with rear combination lamp, featuring fashionable and dynamic feeling.
-The fading line throughout the rear wall and side wall features dynamic and streamline feeling


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