The Tunland is Foton’s signature next-generation pickup truck. The vehicle features the latest technology and is extremely reliable. Thanks to its special design, the Tunland offers you an impressive visibility and an extraordinary driving experience. Displaying perfection in every detail, the Tunland truly is in a class of its own. For both work and leisure, the Tunland is the perfect choice for the discerning driver.


Technology and performance

The Tunland’s powerful 120KW Cummins ISF 2.8 diesel engine is the strongest in the class of engines with displacements below 3.0L. It also has a maximum torque output of 360 N.m, which is 22.5%-60% higher compared to similar products. As a result, the Tunland can easily handle harsh road conditions.

The Tunland features the latest turbocharger intake system. The electronically controlled, high-pressure common rail fuel injection system by BOSCH guarantees the best performance.

The powertrain is based on a modular design concept. It has 40% less components than other similar products. The engine is also 10% lighter than the ones used in similar pickup trucks. Thanks to its special design, it operates at extremely low noise and vibration levels. Maintenance of the engine is easy and cost efficient.

This model features a 12-hole particle fuel injector and EFI technology.

The exhaust system features a dual tubular exhaust manifold with a catalyst converter.

The Intake system is based on the MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve Timing Electronic Control) system with 4 cylinders and 16 valves.

Tough, safe and eco-friendly

  • Environmentally friendly

    The application of the latest technology makes the engine extremely eco-friendly. The engine features ECU (Electronic Control Unit) control technology and uses SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction), EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) technologies. By employing precise measurement and control mechanisms of the intake of air and the combustion process, nitrogen oxides (NOX) and particulate matter (PM) pollution is substantially reduced.

  • 4WD

    With Part-time 4WD system, a part-time 2-speed

    push button allows you to choose the suitable mode

    according to different road conditions.

    2H mode: normal on-road use

    4H mode: wet or slick off-road use

    4L mode: extreme off-road use

  • Towing

    The Tunland is powerful enough to tow a 2.5t caravan, enabling you to enjoy your life anytime and anywhere.

  • Load capacity

    The Tunland’s 4.35㎡ truck bed is spacious and its cargo capacity is up to 1.5t.

  • Wading depth

    The Maximum wading depth of the Tunland is 420mm.

  • Gradeability

    The maximum trafficable transverse gradient is 40 % and the gradeability is 60%.

  • Adaptable temperature

    Thanks to the BOSCH high-pressure common rail system and the cold start control of the electronically controlled Cummins engine, starting the engine at -40°C is not a problem.


    Equipped with BOSCH’s four-channel ABS + EBD, the Tunland enables you to maintain steering wheel control and driving stability during heavy braking.

  • Crystal Diamond Headlights

    The special headlights with reflectors distribute light in a long, wide pattern, contributing to excellent visibility at night.

  • Passenger airbags

    The driver and passenger airbags guarantee maximum protection during an accident or collision.

  • 3-point seat belts

    During a collision the 3-point belt spreads out the energy and allows for maximum protection.

  • Crumple zone and steering column

    Thanks to a specifically designed steering column, the impact during a collision is well absorbed by the crumple zone and the driver and passenger are effectively protected.

  • Child safety seat

    The child seat fixture was specifically designed for children traveling in a safety seat.


The interior of the Tunland shows great attention to detail.

Three-dimensional, high-performance LED lights allow for great visual comfort.

A handy 5-speed gear shift lever makes shifting gears easy and fun.

Full electronic controls are in place, including a unique locking system.

The Tunland is extremely spacious: the width of the interior is 1880mm, giving you the greatest sense of comfort when driving. The large windshield provides you with an amazing field of vision. The rear legroom can easily provide rear-seated passengers with 800mm of leg space.

Ergonomic design: the smart layout and superior air conditioning vents perfectly match the overall design, providing you with a pleasant temperature and atmosphere while being seated in the pickup. The interior of the Tunland truly helps you to relax and enjoy the ride.

Adjustable seats: the driver’s seat can be adjusted in six ways, enabling you to find the perfect, most comfortable position while driving.

Storage space: The extremely large storage space makes traveling easy and convenient.

Adjustable seats: the driver’s seat can be adjusted in six ways, enabling you to find the perfect, most comfortable position while driving.

Multifunctional steering wheel: The steering wheel is equipped with volume control, Bluetooth, cruise control and other common functions, making your driving experience convenient and safe.

HiFi entertainment system: The Tunland features an integrated USB and AUX digital interface, hi-fi equipment as well as a voice command system, giving you the highest degree of comfort.


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