Foton’s View C1 minibuses are extremely safe, comfortable and affordable. They have gained the reputation of being the most fuel-efficient minibuses. Continuously, the View C1 has satisfied various demands and has provided customers with an efficient solution for short-haul passenger transportation and business operations.





The BJ493Q features a continuously variable valve train. Emissions are in line with Euro IV standards and fuel consumption is only 7.2L/100km. The engine has a maximum power of 95KW and the largest torque is 186nm. The engine capacity is 2.0L.

The diesel engine combines strong power with low costs, making it the top choice among light vans and minibuses. The engine reaches a maximum power of 68KW and a maximum torque of 202nm. The engine displacement is 2.8L.


The View C1 has a great payload capacity. It combines the highest safety standards with maneuverability and comfort.

The suspension system is based on the latest technology. The View C1 is equipped with 4+1 rear plates, which is one additional plate compared to similar vehicles. Stability and safety are guaranteed.

The View C1 features a four-circuit protection valve system as well as an enhanced brake master cylinder and break wheel cylinder. As a result, the left/right and front/rear break balance is optimized and allows for a safe driving experience. The braking distance is only 28m when driving at up to 60km/h.


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