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30TH APRIL, 2024
Deeply perceive the connotation of 'NEW FOTON, NEW VALUE', and win further trust and recognition from Peruvian CXOs!
During the event, the CXOs visited FOTON’s headquarters and Digital Museum to experience FOTON’s development history and brand value. They went to FOTON Cummins factory, BFDA factory and FOTON X Laboratory, and had a closer look at FOTON’s R&D process, to learn about the breakthroughs in cutting-edge technological fields such as new energy, intelligent connectivity, and autonomous driving. At the same time, CXOs test drove the entire range of commercial vehicles to experience the powerful product power of FOTON's all-scenario solutions for all commercial vehicles.
In terms of Super Power Train, FOTON has established joint ventures with Cummins, ZF and other global leading commercial vehicle parts companies, and maintains a strategic partnership with CATL, a global leading new energy battery giant, to enable the upgrading of fuel and new energy products. FOTON has established the ' Super Power Train ' core powertrain competitive advantage on a global scale, achieving comprehensive transcendence and leadership in core businesses such as trucks in Southeast Asia, Latin America and other regions. In terms of Internet of Vehicles (IoV) technology, FOTON's owns one of the largest IoV platforms in China, with more than 2.5 million connected vehicles, and has functions such as real-time location, fleet management, and three-electric monitoring, which can realize vehicle full life cycle detection. With the popularity of FOTON's IoV technology in overseas markets, FOTON's intelligent network technology will empower global users and further enhance user operation value.One of the important factors that makes FOTON so trusted by global users is its ability to create world-class high-quality products. FOTON has a comprehensive global layout of intelligent manufacturing, covering the entire industrial chain of commercial vehicle complete vehicles and parts, seizing new opportunities for the development of new energy and intelligent networked vehicles, and building the core competitiveness of the enterprise through independent innovation and transformation and upgrading. 
In order to make every overseas customer and media feel the R&D strength of FOTON more realistically and deeply, the CXOs visited the FOTON Cummins Factory, FOTON Daimler Factory and FOTON X Laboratory.As the world's most advanced diesel engine production base, FOTON Cummins Factory inherits Cummins' century-old experience and produces light and heavy-duty diesel engines that meet Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI emissions and the highest global non-road Phase IV standards. BFDA Factory adopts the German lean manufacturing system TOS+, upgrades and introduces automation, digitalization, and intelligent technologies, and builds a world-class modern factory and automated production line with an automation level of over 60%. FOTON's star heavy-duty truck, AUMAN GALAXY, is one of the main products produced by the factory.Adhering to the concept of openness and innovation, FOTON held the first 'Overseas Customer Open Day” event during this period, creating a self-service test drive model for all series of commercial vehicles, and inviting overseas customers to experience the excellent performance of Foton products in person. During the test drive, the CXOs visited more than 30 Foton models at close range, including heavy trucks, light trucks, mini trucks, pickup trucks, and VANs, to learn about product parameters and scene solutions, and experience driving on twisted roads and pebble roads. The test drive won high praise from customers and the media for the vehicle's handling, comfort and intelligence.
“Iwe're very happy to be here. We just saw that technology in the factory. It is all automated. And now we're trying these different vehicles, and we are finding them to be extraordinary.”
“ I tried the TUNLAND V9. Fantastic pickup. I liked it very much. The acceleration is amazing, also that breaking. We just passed through the bumps, it's very comfortable. It didn't move much. I think it's a very safe and a good pickup”.
“So I think after this trip in China, we just want to continue growing with FOTON. I think we are great partners together. So we'll work out the future plans and in the next years.”
Among them, AUMAN GALAXY, TUNLAND V and new energy products attracted the attention of the CXOs. As the latest generation of heavy-duty trucks in FOTON's AUMAN R series, AUMAN GALAXY is equipped with FOTON's super power chain, which integrates high safety, high comfort, high fuel efficiency and high intelligence, and meets the requirements of EC93 European collision regulations. TUNLAND V is a new pickup truck product launched by FOTON, equipped with FOTON's latest developed turbocharged diesel 4 8V hybrid system, 2.0L AUCAN turbocharged diesel engine and 8AT ZF gearbox, with a peak torque of up to 450Nm. While meeting strong off-road and high load-bearing capacity, it also has the driving comfort of luxury cars.In the field of new energy products, FOTON has independently developed and mastered the core technologies of 'three electrics', realizing multi-route development of new energy technologies such as pure electric, hybrid, and hydrogen fuel cells, covering a full range of commercial vehicle products. Currently, FOTON's overseas new energy products have covered 45 countries and regions around the world, including Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America and others.
The FOTON X Laboratory was officially put into operation in June 2023. It includes 15 laboratories including NVH, EMC, new energy, intelligent networking, structural durability, chassis, transmission, body, ring mold simulation, benchmarking and evaluation, and 1 R&D test track. Each laboratory has selected advanced testing equipment at home and abroad, and the overall testing capability has reached the leading level of commercial vehicles. Among them, the vehicle EMC laboratory and the vehicle indoor passing noise semi-anechoic chamber are the largest in Asia, and have won unanimous recognition of FOTON's R&D capabilities from the CXOs.
'We're very happy to be here, we just saw that technology in the factory. It's all automated '
Mr. Andre Martinez, Peru.
'In Peru, we have a lot of international companies that we've served and given them services, that are asking for us to have new, clean energy using electricity. So we're here in FOTON and trying all your new trucks. FOTON is very compromised with electric trucks, we think that's the future.'
Mr Alvaro Silva, CASTOR OIL COMAPNY of Peru.
We're granting select customers worldwide the title of "CXO," granting them lifelong access to official events like the Experience China tour, where they can experience FOTON's latest technological achievements.