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flexible financing

Based in Hongkong, FOTON overseas financing has expanded its business to the whole world and provides global agents, strategic customers, end users and overseas subsidiaries with investment and financing solutions with an energetic team, professional performance and flexible financing.


Match you with satisfying financial resource in a short time


We will tailor the right financial solution to your specific financing needs. According to your business needs, we will provide you with a variety of options, including: different billing methods, flexible billing period, dedicated to your convenience.


Our front-end business personnel are around the world to provide you with financing service whenever you need. Our outstanding team and simplified business flow can match you with satisfying financial resource in a short time.


So far, we have established close cooperation with thousands of agents and customers in 110 countries and regions and have built word-of-mouth via outstanding capacity and rich experience; FOTON will be your competent partner.


We work out financial solutions based on your requirements

Providing capital support via financial products like LC, D/P, D/A and OA to reduce trade cost and enhance competitiveness of dealers.


Cooperating with major financing institutions to provide service like financial leasing, load to buyer/seller and Chinese government concessional loan to tailor financial solution for strategic customers.

Strategic customer

Providing credit service to end users via financial leasing, bank mortgage and installment.

End users

Providing capital for operation and other investment and financing businesses.

Overseas subsidiaries



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