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Foton Tsav Nyab Laj Lub Tswv Yim Txaus Siab, Cov Khoom Tshiab-AUMAN thiab AUMARK Efficiency Truck Kev Teeb Tseg Tsav Kev Tsis Txaus Ntseeg


Foton Motor entering Vietnam market starts with the cooperation to Thaco Group. As early as 2003, Foton Motor started cooperation with THACO Group. As a strategic partner of Foton Motor in Vietnam, Thaco Group has been the exclusive agent of Foton Motor's AUMAN heavy-duty trucks and OLLIN light-duty trucks for about 15 years and has sold accumulated sales of around 76,000 units. Both parties have achieved a great success in the commercial vehicle market in Vietnam. In the international market, Foton Motor has also made great achievements. As No.1 commercial vehicle manufacturer in China, through 22 years of development, Foton Motor has covered a full range of commercial vehicles such as heavy-duty trucks, light-duty trucks, VAN, pickup, SUV, passenger vehicles and construction machinery vehicles, has reached accumulated sales volume of 8.29 million. At present, Foton Motor has more than 20 KD factories, 7 parts centers and over 1,200 overseas dealers in the world. It is worth mentioning that Foton Motor has established joint ventures with the world's leading commercial vehicle and component manufacturers such as Daimler, Cummins and ZF, and the products that match the leading technology have also spread to more than 110 countries around the world. With the global Industrial Distribution, Foton Motor has been one of leading commercial vehicle manufacturers in the world.

At the conference, Foton Vietnam Co., Ltd. was established officially. Ma Rentao, Vice President of Foton Motor Group, President of Foton International said Vietnam’s potential and radiation effect on the ASEAN region are immeasurable. Based on Foton Vietnam Co., Ltd., Foton Motor will focus on customer value. On the one hand, it will increase the construction in local part warehouses, call centers and service systems to provide a better brand experience for Vietnamese users. On the other hand, through technical support and investment cooperation, it will carry out in-depth cooperation with Thaco Group in the field of parts manufacturing, and achieve a win-win development together with Thaco Group in Vietnam and the ASEAN region. With the deepening of cooperation between the two parties, it is believed that Vietnam's lack of high-precision, high-tech auto part manufacturing will be greatly improved.

At the conference, Foton Motor also released three strategic models that fully meet the latest Euro IV emission standards in the Vietnamese market, matching the advanced technologies of the world's leading commercial vehicle and part companies such as Daimler, Cummins, and ZF. The highlights are eye-catching.

AUMARK S light-duty truck are built on a new platform and positioned as mid- to high-end professional logistics vehicles used in cities and matches Foton Cummins efficient power. With Foton Motor's 15 years’ experience in Vietnam, it is believed that the product will be greatly improved in power, fuel, noise reduction, lightweight and other aspects.

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 It is understood that the three products have been launched in Colombia, Chile, Thailand, Russia, Malaysia, Myanmar. and now it has also been listed in Vietnam. As a highlight, Foton Motor launched a 3-year-7-country racing plan of “FOTON AUMAN EFFICIENT LOGISTICS TRUCK RACING CHAMPIONSHIP”. The race in Vietnam will be held in 2019. It has undoubtedly demonstrated that with the strength endorsement of Foton Daimler Automotive, Foton Motor has good expectations and great confidence in the performance of AUMAN EST series. The race will integrate AUMAN EST's fuel efficiency, on the one hand, to verify the efficiency and reliability of the product, and on the other hand, Through professional training camp and racing experience, to guide the truck drivers a correct driving habits, and advocate efficient, fuel-saving and comfortable driving experience.

It is foreseeable that with the introduction of all-new AUMAN and AUMARK strategic products and the launch of the truck race in Vietnam, Foton Motor will lead truck customers to highly concern about truck energy and efficiency, and promote the Vietnamese commercial vehicle market to move towards to more efficiency. In addition, with the deepening of investment and cooperation in Vietnam, Foton Motor’s leading technical resources are bound to be introduced into Vietnam, and will also promote the positive and long-term development of Vietnam's manufacturing industry in automobile and parts fields. At the same time, with the potential of the Vietnamese market, it is also hopeful that Foton Motor will have a leap development in the Asia-Pacific region, and become a global leading commercial vehicle enterprise with providing users the best product experience driven by Technology.