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Deepening Cooperation And Creating The Future Together ——Foton Opens A New Strategic Pattern In Myanmar


Mr. Xie Guoxiang, Counselor of the Economic and Commercial Department of the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar, introduced the progress of China-Myanmar economic and trade cooperation in the activity on the event.

As a leader in China’s commercial vehicles, Foton Motor Group has established a joint venture company with the world’s top commercial vehicles and parts enterprises such as Daimler AG, Cummins Inc., ZF Friedrichshafen AG, etc., realized product premiumization and intelligence relaying on the industrial alliance advantages, and achieved the global industrial layout of 9 global largest sales companies, 22 KD factories, 7 spare parts storehouse centers, more than 1200 sales outlets, and businesses in more than 110 countries around the world by continuously pushing forward the globalization strategies.

Looking at Myanmar, Foton Motor Group first entered the market with light-duty trucks and medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks in 2009 with the sales of over 2000 units in 3 years. Foton’s VAN and CNG bus products started to enter Myanmar market in 2017 and at present Foton has basically realized the launch and operation of whole series commercial vehicle products.. For the market planning of Foton Motor in Myanmar, Mr. Gao Ming, EVP of Foton Asia-Pacific Region points out that, Foton will rely on the industrial alliances of BFDA (Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd.), Foton Cummins, and Foton ZF, etc. and is oriented by demands of Myanmar customers so as to continue to provide high-quality products to Myanmar customers, and make contribution to transportation, infrastructure construction and various fields in Myanmar. In addition, Foton Motor will start based on solving the bottleneck of the industry, and rely on the network resources of dealer partners, strengthen product services, and further realize the territorial manufacturing.


Foton TOANO VAN Grand Launching

Foton Motor released new Aumark S light-duty trucks and TOANO VAN products in this activity, and AUMARK S is developed by Foton with the integration of Cummins engine and world’s leading auto supply chain system and the application of all-new platform. Proved by 1,600,000 km road test, this product boasts comparable quality with Japanese and Korean like products in terms of safety, multi-functionality, power performance, and fuel economy. TOANO is developed by leading German technical standards. Qualifying the certification by German TUV Rhineland, this vehicle is powered by Cummins engine and can completely meet the power performance, space, and comfort needs of the passenger and freight transportation users. As a state guest vehicle, TOANO provided the shuttle services for the foreign state heads and politicians during the international high-end conferences and activities, including 2015 the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of the World Anti-fascist War , 2016 G20 Summit and Astana Expo 2017.The two products are launched into Myanmar market this time. On one hand, the launch of Toano is intended to seize market share in the high-end passenger transportation market based on the Myanmar government’s optimistic policy orientation for the rapid development of the tourist industry. On the other hand, the Myanmar’s urban high-end logistics is full of potential following the development of the "Belt and Road” proposal cause and the continuous concentration of manufacturing industry on Myanmar and the Aumark S is undoubtedly a new choice for the organization user groups concerned with cost reduction and efficiency increasing.

As a country with the largest land area in Southeast Asian countries and an important part of Asian highways and Trans-Asian Railway, Myanmar is also an important partner for the implementation of the “Belt and Road”Initiative. With the deepening of the China-Myanmar economic corridor, China-Myanmar mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation will reach a new level. This experience marketing activity also releases the cooperation signal that Foton Motor Group insists on “connecting with one belt and walking together” with territorial valuable customers and partners, jointly implementing the “Belt and Road” Initiative, realizing territorial manufacturing, and further achieving industrialization development. Mr. Chang Rui, Mr. Chang Rui, VP of Foton Motor Group and President of Foton International, says that Foton has been operating in the Myanmar market for more than 10 years, witnesses the process of Chinese brands from scratch to excellence, and also witnesses the increasingly broad and in-depth exchanges between China and Myanmar from officials to civilians. We will pay attention to customer needs, work closely with local partners, take an active part in construction of the industries such as infrastructure and so on, and become a Chinese automobile enterprise recognized by local customers.




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