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FOTON AUMAN EST-A Exhibited at the IAA 2018, revealing a development ambition by Deep Cooperation


AUMAN EST-A is developed and manufactured by BFDA, and built with world’s renowned power and parts supply system, including Cummins, ZF, WABCO, etc. Mainly aiming at the long-distance special routes and high-efficiency logistics markets, AUMAN EST-A is equipped with intelligent power system, aided driving, and fleet management system, and verified by 10,000,000km real road test to further meet customers’ appeals for high operating efficiency and low operating cost. In succession to the market launch in Shanghai, China in April 2017, AUMAN EST series has been launched respectively in Peru, Chile, Russia, Kenya, Thailand and Malaysia, covering the South America, Southeast Asia, and Africa markets.

On September 18, at the eve of the IAA 2018, a global press conference was held by BFDA at the IAA. Mr. Gong Yueqiong, the president of Foton Motor Group, Mr. Martin Daum, Daimler AG. Board member and the Head of Daimler Trucks & Buses Division, Mr. Hubertus Troska, Daimler AG. Board Member, the Chairman & CEO of Daimler Greater China attended the conference.

7 Years, 540,000 Accumulative Vehicles globally

Since the founding of BFDA in 2012, Foton Motor’s manufacturing standards, local operation experiences, and market advantages have been effectively integrated and collaborated with Daimler’s technology and management advantages. BFDA is operating under FOTON “AUMAN” brand, which overwhelmed the joint-venture mode of introducing foreign mature vehicle models for OEM production in traditional Sino-foreign joint ventures and initiated the new Sino-foreign joint-venture cooperation mode. Meanwhile, Foton Motor owns the utilization and proprietary rights of intangible assets of “Auman” medium-duty and heavy-duty truck products, including proprietary technologies, patents, and brand, in overseas markets. Daimler provides technology, expert supports and Truck Operating System(TOS) to help joint venture promote product quality, improve supplier system, and assist the R&D of new products. Foton Motor provides brand, manufacturing system, market operation experience. Based on networks of Foton Motor, Both will realize a further development in China and global market.

Through 7-year joint development, BFDA has achieved an accumulative sales volume of 540,000 in global market as of August, 2018.

Facing Competition by Complementary Advantages 

The commercial truck market around the world is upgrading. “The future competition

is definitely the competition of all-value chain solutions, including fleet management solution, technology matching, and integral commercialization strategy." Said the President of Foton Motor Group Gong Yueqiong, “Daimler owns sophisticated technology and quality control and Foton Motor owns leading manufacturing system and mature market operation experiences, insight, and strategic deployment on the markets. Two parties have reached tacit understanding and consensus in cooperation. Therefore, on this basis, more competitions can more embody the complementary advantages of two parties".

Regarding the development strategy of the joint venture, Mr. Hubertus Troska expressed that Daimler will introduce advanced products and technologies into BFDA and enhance the cooperation with Foton Motor in the future. Regarding the future cooperation of two parties, Mr. Martin Daum expressed that the cooperation status between Daimler and Foton will not change. “BFDA will enhance the cooperation under complementary advantages of both, and will introduce a strategic heavy-duty truck in the future”, Mr. Gong Yueqiong added.

It’s predicable that, following the cooperation between Foton Motor and Daimler AG., it’s possible to apply the technologies, including intelligent interconnection, autonomous driving, and new energy vehicles to the cooperation projects in the future. By advantages of both in technology, manufacturing, and market, Daimler will realize a further development in China’s commercial vehicle market. Foton Motor will also further consolidate its leading position in China’s commercial vehicle market. Meanwhile, Foton Motor will duplicate and expand the leading products and technologies to global markets and thus realize the leapfrog development of global commercial vehicle business.



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