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Foton Cummins Aims at Champion in its 3rd Expedition in Silk Road Rally


On July 4, 2019, Foton Cummins held the launch ceremony for the 9th Silk Road Rally beside the Lake Baikal, Russia. For this rally, Foton Cummins’ rally fleet – BFCEC SPORT sets Foton Tunland powered by Foton Cummins ISF engine as a racing vehicle for this 10-day 5,000km competition and Foton Aumark will provide support for the fleet as supporting vehicles.


Silk Road Rally is a top-class off-road rally jointly held by China and Russia. This rally will launch officially in Irkutsk, Russia on July 6, enter through Russia and Mongolia into China stage on July 13 and finally end in Dunhuang, Gansu, China on July 16. This special 2,593km whole-course stage will not only test the improvisation of the drivers but also test the reliability and stability of vehicles and engines.1562573699822640 1562574296730340
With a sales volume of more than 200,000 engines in Russia, Foton Cummins engine boasts a high share in the engine market. At present, approximately 25,000 engines BFCEC are exported to Russia each year.


BFCEC SPORT was founded and participated in the Silk Road Rally for the first time in 2017. Winning the runner-up of T1 Diesel Group in the 2018 Silk Road Rally, BFCEC SPORT aims at a higher goal this year – challenging the champion. For this rally, BFCEC SPORT dispatched two Foton Tunland 4×4 all-wheel-drive racing pickups powered by Cummins ISF2.8 for T2 Manufacturer Group competition.


The T2 Manufacturer Group competition requires that all racing vehicle must pass the T2 authentication by FIA. Foton Tunland powered by BFCEC ISF2.8 is China’s first domestic independent brand pickup certified by FIA. In accordance with the T2 mass production requirements of FIA, all racing vehicles for T2 Manufacturer Group competition must maintain the original mass production status, namely no modification in the core power configuration, including engine and transmission, is allowed for the racing vehicles and only the modifications to the safety equipment and some auxiliary facilities are allowed to improve the safety performance of racing vehicles. Therefore, Foton Tunland pickups for this rally will compete with international fleets, including Japanese Toyota, under the original status. The BFCEC ISF2.8 engine installed on the racing vehicles for this rally boasts 160kW power output and adopts integral cylinder block and cylinder head design to provide high supports in terms of product reliability under severe racing conditions.


Throughout 12 years from the product launch in 2007, BFCEC has accumulatively sold 1,370,000 engines and owned 269 invention patents and has gained extensive customer recognition. As a commercial vehicle engine manufacturer and under the background of intelligent logistics ear and the China-VI emission regulation implementation, BFCEC brings about a new force for the upgrade of vehicles and more benefits for efficiency promotion and intelligent operation practices in logistics industry with innovatively intelligent power products.




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