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Foton global investors visit China, showing Foton’s leading ambition in China commercial vehicle industry by intelligence


It is reported that on March 7, the day before the conference, FOTON global investors delegation had a special trip to visit HUAWEI's headquarters for in-depth understanding of HUAWEI’s intelligent manufacturing plant, ICT, etc.

As one of China’s fastest growing and international cities, Shenzhen has gathered many leading global smart technology companies such as smart manufacturing, smart communications, and cloud computing companies. Huawei is one of the representatives.

As a global leading information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, HUAWEI has established a competitive ICT portfolio of end-to-end solutions in telecom and enterprise networks, devices, and cloud technology and services, and it has widely applied its intelligent products in areas of intelligent manufacturing, traffic and energy.


HUAWEI visiting enables FOTON's global investors to witness China’s leading smart interconnection technologies and intelligent manufacturing. Reviewing the technical achievement of FOTON in commercial vehicle fields in recent years, it implies further the determination of FOTON to develop in green energy and intelligent vehicle areas. In general, while the Industrial Internet has widely developed around the world, FOTON determines to speed up the development of FOTON industry internet and promotes intelligent logistics via intelligent equipment by conducting in-depth cooperation in areas of vehicle, parts and intelligent technologies.

Mid-to-high end orientation, steady improvement inperformance

Driven by both intelligent technology and lean management system, Foton Motor has continuously improved its sales proportion of mid-to-high end products to over 78% by the end of 2017, making an initial effect of product upgrading strategy. In terms of business performance, Foton Motor has increased its sales volume of sales revenue in 2017 for three consecutive years. Besides, over 63,000 vehicles has been exported to overseas market in 2017, a year-on-year growth of 8.5%, ranking the first in terms of commercial vehicle exportation for six consecutive years.

Intelligent commercial vehicles enhance customer value

The rapid development of new energy and intelligent technology in recent years has made customers focus on TCO and integrated solution.

Foton Motor has developed AUMAN EST with 4-year efforts based on European standard, which aiming for high-efficient and high-end logistics market shares including express delivery, cold-chain and hazardous chemicals transportation. Manufactured by Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd.(BFDA), AUMAN EST has integrated advanced components and technologies from members of China Intelligent Connected Super Truck Alliance (CICSA) (Cummins, ZF, WABCO, Continental, etc.) and intelligent assist systems, including intelligent engine management, intelligent brake system, intelligent lane assist, intelligent stability control system and fleet management system, reducing 5-10% of fuel consumption and 10% of carbon emission and improving transport efficiency by 30%. AUMAN EST heralds the beginning of China super truck 1.0.



Moreover, FOTON and Cummins signed Strategic Cooperation Memorandum of Green and Intelligent Truck on the 8th U.S.-China Energy Efficiency Forum in October 2017, aiming at optimizing power system and vehicle integration via new energy-saving technologies to reduce vehicle fuel consumption, transport efficiency. It signified the official launch of China Super Truck 2.0 plan, which targeted at, by 2020, reducing fuel consumption by 20%, reducing vehicle weight by 10% and extending durability to 1,200,000km, assistant driving system, FCW, ACC, AEB and LKA equipped over 50%, TCO saving at least 10%.


Foton Motor and Cummins signed Strategic Cooperation Memorandum of Green and Intelligent Truck on the 8th U.S.-China Energy Efficiency Forum in October 2017

In terms of automatic driving, Foton Motor unveiled China’s first unmanned concept truck in November 2016 in Shanghai. The truck was equipped with FOTON IOV for connecting to external information at real time and high-accuracy positioning and sensing of geographical location. It is learned that Foton Motor tested its unmanned trucks in the first automatic driving test site in Beijing on February 9, 2018. According to the test, the truck can be able to identifying person, obstacles and traffic signs, braking, changing lanes for overtaking.


Foton Motor unveiled China’s first unmanned concept truck in November 2016 in Shanghai

Green energy builds a smart city

Smart traffic system is a key component of building a smart city. So far, Foton Motor has developed smart traffic and smart logistic products including pure electric AUV coach and bus, hydrogen fuel cell for urban and intercity transport, primarily constructed a smart products matrix for future development.

In November 2017, Foton Motor signed a MOU of Smart Cities Public Transportation Solutions with TDG, which is the top supplier specialized in designing and building world smart cities, and leader in developing innovative solutions to smart cities. According to the MOU, Foton Motor and TDG, using their advantages in technologies and resources, will get in profound partnership to build and develop global leading smart cities, intelligent transport and intelligent buses such as driverless buses and green e-buses. In initial stage, TDG will work together with Foton Motor to develop e-bus products in Smart City program in Wellington of New Zealand, which will replace fossil-fuel buses.


Foton Motor and TDG signed MOU of Smart Cities Public Transportation Solution

FOTON Inter-Connected Industry builds intelligent logistic solution

Foton Motor’s inter-connected eco system of automotive industry is built based on “Foton Industry 4.0”,by integrating IOV, big data and cloud platform, Foton IOV can analyze vehicles operation condition at real time so as to provided full life cycle service management. So far, almost 690,000 vehicles have been equipped with Foton IOV. In 2018, all series will be regularly equipped with IOV.

Moreover, FOTON manufacture has realized high intelligence and environment protection, driven by big data management, intelligent technology and lean manufacturing system. In October 2017, FOTON was selected as the only commercial vehicle manufacturer by the “Demonstration Project of China’s Commercial Vehicle Intelligent Manufacturing”, became one of the best demonstration benchmark of “China Manufacturing 2025”.

Intelligent commercial vehicle serves as the core driving force of intelligent logistic development. FOTON has followed the intelligent trends in automobile industry to realize full life cycle management of vehicle while focusing on customers’ value. In addition, FOTON has worked with global leading suppliers of vehicles and parts and enterprises of intelligent linking for innovative cooperation to build a matrix of intelligent products, which has strongly enhanced the development of smart logistics and smart city, leading the intelligent development and future of China commercial vehicle.




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