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Foton Motor New Products Exhibited at Auto China 2018, Leading Intelligent New Trend of Commercial Vehicle Solutions


1548640485354268On April 25, 2018, The 15th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2018) themed by “Steering to A New Era” was held at China International Exhibition Centre. As a leading commercial vehicle brand, Foton Motor, with a theme of “Technology leading into the future”, made centralized appearance with 3 theme zones of “Intelligent Logistics”, “Green city life”, and “Technology experience” , and released multiple all-new products to boost the green city logistics and green city services.1548640660550562 1548640875104713 1548640885313730

Building the first “Intelligent Logistics” zone with JD.COM Logistics

The “Intelligent Logistics” zone built by Foton Motor in partnership with JD.COM, which is the world’s leading company in high tech and AI delivery. It reproduced the whole-process of intelligent logistics, including storage, sorting, handling, transport, and terminal distribution, and described the intelligent scenes of future logistics, including the sorting by sorting robots from unmanned warehouse, intelligent logistics transport equipment system, and unmanned terminal distribution by unmanned aircraft. Foton’s two high-efficiency logistics new products became the most core parts of the theme zone.

Foton’s super medium-duty truck, powered by Cummins 4.5L engine, produced by Foton Cummins. The truck conforms to the Euro-VI emission regulation, equipped with automatic transmission and is completely applied with IOV to realize intelligent voice control, lane departure warning system (LDWS), front collision warning (FCW), blind spot detection (BSD), fatigue driving warning system, and push-to-start function, comprehensively meet customers’ TCO needs.

FOTON AUMAN EST 2.0 launched at the exhibition, produced by Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd.(BFDA). On the basis of high intelligence, fuel-economy, and efficiency of EST 1.0, AUMAN EST 2.0 is further improved to achieve >10% saving of TCO overall level and realize the automatic driving under semi-closed road conditions. It’s equipped with Cummins ISG heavy-duty engine manufactured by Foton Cummins and the standard Super Fleet intelligent management system to provide drivers with transparent and visual management and comprehensively guarantee the driving safety. The ZF’s all-new generation TraXon automatic transmission is applied to comprehensively upgrade the driving/riding comfort with intelligent torque adjustment, intelligent sliding control, and intelligent map functions.


Boosting green city operation for realization of zero-emission

In the hydrogen fuel R&D field, Foton Motor has launched the R&D of fuel cell technology as early as 2003 and the first generation fuel cell bus was delivered to the Organizing Committee of Olympic Games in 2008. Nowadays, Foton Motor has independently developed a series of hydrogen fuel cell products. In 2016, Foton Motor signed a sales contract for 100 8.5m hydrogen fuel electric buses, symbolizing the successful commercial operation of the 3rd generation hydrogen fuel cell buses. In 2018, FOTON AUV, with sustained efforts, won an order for 49 hydrogen fuel cell buses. All buses will provide the green traveling services for the Zhangjiakou citizens during the 2022 Beijing-Zhangjiakou Olympic Winter Games

At this exhibition, FOTON AUV hydrogen fuel cell inter-city bus exhibited is a mature product for realization of industrialized and batch commercial development and operation. Forging the product performances with leading technologies, FOTON AUV new energy bus integrates the intelligent technologies, high safety and reliability, high economy and environmental-friendliness, and high-grade quality and becomes one of leaders around the world in terms of heavy-current safety.

P-BOX1548641205461032Besides new products, Foton Motor reproduced the application scenes of technologies, including automatic drive and intelligent interconnection to enable the customers for better understanding of intelligent vehicles and intelligent technology development with close-range technologic experiences. At this exhibition, by means of intelligent logistics, intelligent products, and intelligent technologies, Foton Motor completely manifested the moves and concepts of “Creating a beautiful new life for mankind with green and intelligent technologies” under the global green and intelligent trend. In the future, Foton Motor will continue to follow up and appropriately apply the new technologies, including intelligent networking technology, motorization, and lightweight, to essentially serve the people with green products + high-efficiency services.1548641315883795



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