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Foton Set to Further Strengthen its Competitiveness in New Energy Vehicle Industry


Not long ago, the first Great Wall International Renewable Energy Forum themed with “Concerted Innovation and Shared Green Development” was held in Zhangjiakou. Jointly organized by Zhangjiakou municipal government and National Renewable Energy Center, the forum attracted over 300 participants from various government organizations and research institutions.

Foton AUV fuel cell buses were put into service during the summit, providing transport services for all participants. Their high environmental friendliness and high quality services have left an indelible impression on all experts and officials.

After serving China EV100 Summit this year, Foton AUV fuel cell buses have made its second appearance on such a high-profile international event since early this year. For the past few years, Foton AUV fuel cell buses have successfully accomplished transport tasks at a number of major international events, attracting wide media and public attention and gaining increasing recognition among the public.

In recent years, people have already reached a consensus that fuel cell vehicles provide an ultimate solution for 21st century transportation industry. As one of the leaders in China’s commercial vehicle industry, Foton AUV has been blazing a new trail for the development and commercialization of fuel cell buses.

As early as 2006, Foton started developing fuel cell buses by joining hands with Tsinghua University and SinoHytec. In 2014, Foton AUV rolled out its second generation 12-meter fuel cell buses. In 2016, Foton AUV successfully secured an order of 100 units fuel cell buses, breaking the new record in the history of fuel cell vehicles and marking a new milestone in China’s fuel cell vehicle industry.




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