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FOTON’s Assistance to China’s Aid to Wildlife Conservation in Namibia Enhances Friendship between China and Africa



Li Zhanshu and Petrer Katjavivi attended handover ceremony of aid materials for wildlife conservation on May 15

A handover ceremony of aid materials from China for wildlife conservation in Namibia was held in Windhoek, capital city of the country, on May 15. Li Zhanshu, Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee of PRC, attended the ceremony and Zhang Yiming, China’s Ambassador Extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Namibia, handed over a gold key of friendship to SHIFETA, Secretary of Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Namibia, together with 30 high-end FOTON Tunland and other materials.

The aid materials value 15,000,000 Namibian Dollars, including 30 anti-poaching Tunland, tents and materials for camping. According to Elia Kaiyamo, Namibia’s Ambassador to China, the donation signified down-to-earth cooperation rooted from the new relationship between the two countries. The two parties discussed anti-poaching problems and determined to make joint efforts to protect wild animals and crack down on poaching.


30 FOTON Tunland powered by Cummins ISF2.8T as aid materials to wildlife conservation

The number of wild animal hunted and killed by poaching in Africa has increased sharply since 2008. During an official visit to Namibia, President Xi stressed that China government had attached great importance to wildlife conservation and cracked down illegal trading of wildlife and products. As the heroes of the aid materials, the 20 single-row pickups and 10 dual-row ones were products of FOTON powered by ISF 2.8T diesel engines, powerful for various complicated road conditions. The pickups are multi-purpose and all-weather solution to cracking down on poaching and FOTON had made a contribution to the global ecological environment protection.

During the ceremony, Li Zhanshu, accompanied by Peter Katjavivi, Speaker of the Namibian National Assembly, took a test ride in the high-end pickup Tunland. Namibia government leaders appreciated China’s friendly aid and spoke highly of Foton pickups.



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