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New Products launch Of Foton Motor Kenya Ltd Powering New Maritime Silk Road


18th January of 2018, Foton Motor Kenya Ltd(Abbreviated as Foton Kenya) take "Common Value ,Common Future" as the theme, has launched a new products release conference ,held in Nairobi, Kenya, for Foton AUMAN EST and SAUVANA AT products, which indicates that Foton Motor Group(abbreviated as Foton Motor) will vigorously explore kenya market and persistently build up the No.1 brand as China commercial vehicles in Kenya and East African with guaranteed quality and reliable after-sales service. Secretary of Committee of Foton International, Chairman of Foton Kenya, Mr. Li Hongjun, vice President of Foton International, ,General Manager of African region, Mr.Zhao Xiao, senior vice president of Foton International Mr. Cheng Wanzhi ,together with Economic and Commercial Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Kenya ,Mr.Guo Ce, Mr. Patrick Nduati Mwangi Principal secretary from Ministry of Industry ,Trade and Cooperatives and other guests in area of politics and economic field from East Africa countries, Cummins technical experts from the Middle East and Chinese strategic clients jointly attended the event.

AUMAN EST heavy duty truck and SUV Sauvana was produced in this event, AUMAN EST is manufactured by Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd. (BFDA). the vehicle is equipped with Cummins Intelligent Power ISG, which was forged for four years and was verified by 10 million kilometers actual road, has achieve breakthroughs on safety, reliability, fuel-efficiency, and comfort, Sauvana is a masterpiece adhering to the concept of "born for off-road" ,American grand SUV,ensuring the perfect power output on the premise of efficient fuel, meanwhile ,which also characterize comfort and maneuverability of cars.

During the release conference, Foton Motor issued a comprehensive &detailed steps for planning and implementation in the course of deepening development in Kenya market involved manufacturing, after-sales services, spare parts system, and financial supports, which will inevitably accelerate competition in Kenya's automotive industry, promotes the development of the local automotive industry.

Foton Kenya : make the debut

Kenya is located in eastern Africa. The Great Rift Valley runs through from north to south ,here is one of the birthplaces of mankind and the most potential developing countries in Africa. the first exportation to Kenya of Foton Motor can be traced back to 2006, as one of the earliest China's automobile companies carried out "going global" strategy, Foton Motor targeted the potential of Kenya market, positioned Kenya as market operations center in East Africa, and in the year of 2012,Foton Kenya was established in Nairobi ,Kenya,as wholly-owned subsidiary of Foton Motor, Foton Kenya has achieved localized operations on basis of whole business elements including manufacturing, after-sales service and spare parts ,through 5 years localized operation. currently, products line of Foton Motor in Kenya covers light trucks, medium-heavy trucks and passenger cars. the marketable products include nearly 10 models such as Auman prime mover, tipper, and Aumark and Tunland, the market volume is nearly 5,000 units.

Foton Kenya: deeply develop Kenya Market

Foton also encountered the same problems on after-sales service and spare parts as a enterprises in localized operations ,in order to improve weak links and provide worry-free services in the entire product life cycle to its customers, Foton Motor adheres to the concept of “customer’s value drive brand growth” and is continuously advancing its business strategy on localized manufacturing, spare parts and after-sales service.

In manufacturing regard, the agreement of KD has been signed, by means of Lean Manufacturing system of Foton Motor, product line of which will be more richer and economical in Kenya market

In after-sales service respect, "TOTAL CARE" concept will be established and strengthened, Foton Kenya fully advance and develop the service network covering whole Kenya territory, try to achieve ”full product life cycle and 24/7 worry-free service" service promise. In spare parts respect, Foton Kenya has completed the construction of two spare parts warehouse in Nairobi and Mombasa, partnership with DHL, to achieve a rapid response system for spare parts distribution throughout Kenya.

In financial services respect, Foton Kenya has signed a cooperation memorandum with Bank of Africa(BOA).as one of the largest pan-African banking groups on the world, business of BOA covers 17 African countries ,who is willing and capable of providing Foton with strong financial supports in Kenya and even in East Africa countries. with its strong network distribution and operational strength, Foton Motor will eventually provide Kenyan customers with convenient and diversified financial services.

Foton Kenya: powering the construction of Kenya's "Maritime Silk Road"

As the largest economy in East Africa, historically, Kenya ever closely traded with China on the ancient maritime Silk Road. Today, in the context of "21st Century Maritime Silk Road," the cooperation between China and Kenya has shown a new vitality, the key cooperative areas as energy and infrastructure continues to be deepened ,under the China’s initiative of Belt and Road, Kenya national construction projects that symbolize the friendship between the two countries spring up. among them, the Mombasa-Nairobi Railway Project is the best example. as the first railway since independence of Kenya ,constructed by China, which not only greatly shortens the physical distance between Mombasa and Nairobi, but also shortens the distance from Kenyans to their dreams, Foton Motor, as the leader in China commercial

vehicles, actively participated in the construction of Mombasa-Nairobi Railway project with efficient and customized solutions. as an engineering vehicle supplier, Foton Motor has overcame tough working conditions and tight delivery time from customer, finally tailor-made and delivered a short-wheelbase model , dispatched more than 10 technicians to construction site for training customer in the sequent services,ensure the efficient operation of the vehicles. at the same time, set up warehouse in the construction site to stock spare parts worth over 6 million RMB, shipped the urgent parts by air, guarantee the supply of the spare parts and assisted the construction of the project with high standard, finally Foton Motor was awarded the honor of excellent after-sales service provider

As a long-term strategy and plan in Kenya and even Africa, under the China’s initiative of Belt and Road , Foton Motor will accelerate the construction and development of industrial Internet for automobile industry and provide "Foton solution" to African automobile manufacturing and industrial development. meanwhile, actively promote the industrial connection and industrial capacity cooperation between China and Africa , accelerate the upgrading of China's automobile industry , upgrade African industrial structure ,at the same time ,provide opportunities for local taxation and employment , promote the development of the local economy and improve people's living standards, jointly forge the good impression of ” innovation in China”push forward the upgrading of China-Africa Automobile Industry.

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