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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan Visits Foton Motor Group in Beijing China


On April 28, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran·Khan paid an official visit to Foton Motor Group headquarters in Beijing, China during attending the 2nd Belt and Road Forum For International Cooperation. he visited the headquarter of Foton in Beijing on April 28th, comprehensively learning the intelligent application to Foton commercial vehicles and the business development in Pakistan. Foton Motor Group becomes the only automotive enterprise Prime Minister Imran·Khan specially visited during the state visit.

Prime Minister Imran·Khan visited the series of Foton Motor Group commercial vehicles, and stepped on AUMAN EST-A truck. Mr. Gong Yueqiong, President of Foton Motor Group made a detailed illustration for Prime Minister. As a strategic product jointly developed by Foton Daimler Automotive joint venture, FOTON AUMAN EST-A caters to Smart City and professional logistic trend, be equipped with Foton Cummins smart engines, the truck has mature intelligent driving and braking technologies and others, comprehensively satisfying customers’ needing in terms of fuel-saving, efficiency, comfort, safety and others.


At the Digital Tech Zone, Prime Minister Imran·Khan learned deeply the smart driving technologies, SuperPowertrain chain and Industry Internet system. Foton Motor has built up in advance the “Industry Internet” based on intelligent factory, intelligent vehicles, intelligent management and business, established the competitive edge of powerchain through strategic cooperation with international leading companies of DAIMLER, CUMMINS and ZF, and pushed the application of new energy, smart driving and internet of Vehicle.

With respect to smart driving, Foton Motor’s smart driving technologies have totally realized the ability of the L3 automatic driving applications such as identification of pedestrians, AEBS, self-adaptive cruise, lane-keeping, automatic change of lane, identification of traffic markers and lamps, high precise positioning. Furthermore, Foton Motor is the first commercial vehicle manufacturer obtained the automated driving road-test license in China.

The intelligent transportation is an important part of Smart City. At present, Foton Motor has developed the pure electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell buses for city and inter-city transportation, creating the matrix of “Intelligent Products” for the future.


In the intelligent manufacturing, Foton Motor is the only commercial vehicle enterprise to be enlisted into “Demonstration Project of China Commercial Vehicle Intelligent Manufacturing” in 2017 to carry on the strategy of “Made In China 2025”. In 2018, Foton Motor worked with Piaggio, the largest light-duty commercial vehicle enterprise in Europe, to expand the share of European markets by developing the new light-duty commercial vehicles. Besides, Foton Motor has the intellectual property of core technologies needed for the development of new products and provide the comprehensive technical support to Italian factory of Piaggio.

As Prime Minister Imran Khan said, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has created the vast opportunities of investment and will shift its focus to deeper cooperation in the terms of social economic development and industries. Pakistan supports that the intelligent manufacturing system and technologies introduced into the Pakistan market, to boost the upgrading and development of Pakistan automobile industry.


Since the entrance of Pakistan markets in the year of 2002, Foton Motor has become popular among the large infrastructure companies, beverage enterprises, and grid companies because of higher cost-efficient products and gradually-perfected “Total Care”. Furthermore, Foton Motor has pushed the localized production step by step, working with partners to establish the manufacturing plant. Up to now, some parts have been manufactured in local plants and optimized according to the local work conditions. It is known that the Pakistan plants of Foton Motor offer staff with accommodation for free and technicians with salary rise and various benefits, pushing the development of upstream chain of local automobile manufacturing industry, the local economic growth and the creating of more jobs.

It is understood that, as the leading commercial vehicle manufacturer for 14 consecutive years in China, Foton Motor Group Brand value has reached RMB 132.8 billion, owning three technical R&D centers and 27 oversea factories, with annual production capacity at 100,000 sets in the world. Besides, oversea distribution network has more than 2000 companies, with Foton Motor products and service covering more than 110 countries.

As all-weather strategic partnership of cooperation, China and Pakistan will keep the sustained and in-depth development under the “Belt and Road” Initiative and “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor”. Pakistan Prime Minister visiting to Foton Motor Group will push the further cooperation of commercial vehicles between Pakistan and Foton Motor. Besides, by virtue of advantages of intelligent manufacturing systems and technologies, Foton Motor will accelerate the localization by copying the intelligent manufacturing system and technical advantages to the local while enriching the local operation system and service, so as to boost the upgrading of Pakistan automobile industry and benefit Pakistan economic development.



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