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Malaysia's Largest Fleet of Pure Electric Buses Set to Launch

According to statistics, Malaysia's transportation emissions rate is as high as 85.2%. The country's Ministry of Transport is implementing green logistics initiatives to promote a green transportation ecosystem, aiming for sustainable development in transportation and logistics. It prioritizes public transportation networks as the fundamental structure for planning sustainable spaces and transportation growth in urbanized areas. Against this backdrop, FOTON, leveraging its global experience in green transportation operations and expertise in new energy, has repeatedly received invitations from Malaysia.

With a track record of low failure rates and high operational efficiency, by the end of 2023, 46 FOTON pure electric buses has been introduced in Malaysia, mainly serving in Johor Bahru, operating as dedicated vehicles on the route between Johor Bahru and Singapore, providing convenient and efficient transportation services for residents of both cities. This not only represents the largest order of pure electric buses exported from China to Malaysia but also establishes FOTON as the leading brand of Malaysia's largest fleet of pure electric buses, injecting new vitality into Malaysia's green transportation initiatives.

In fact, this reflects FOTON's development in the global green transportation sector. As early as 2003, FOTON initiated the research and development of new energy vehicle technology, independently developing and mastering core 'three-electric' technologies. It has realized the multi-route development of new energy technologies such as pure electric, hybrid, and hydrogen fuel cells. New energy products have achieved full coverage of commercial vehicles, meeting international technical requirements. In recent years, under the global trend of 'decarbonization,' FOTON has expanded from the fiercely competitive Chinese market to the global new energy market. FOTON's new energy products are now present in markets across Australia, Asia-Pacific, and South America. With over 1,400 pure electric buses delivered in Latin America alone, it has become the leading brand in the electric bus market in the region. In markets such as Malta, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Egypt, FOTON's pure electric and hydrogen fuel cell buses have been commercially operated in core scenarios such as public transportation systems and international airports.

Globally, urban transportation issues are becoming increasingly prominent, and pure electric buses, as a clean and efficient mode of transportation, will see broader applications in the future. FOTON's experience and technology in new energy will serve as a new driving force to promote the electrification of transportation industries worldwide, “EVolve” the world with electrifying solutions.